AIRE Ancient Baths London

AIRE Ancient Baths London ®

In the modern, eclectic, and forever emblematic city of London, minutes away from Covent Garden, you will find an oasis, seamlessly intertwined with its enticing energy, comprising a touristic and local public.

An environment constructed right in Westminster, a worldwide recognised area, especially known for its cultural patrimony and its architectural milestones, landmarks, and overall history. With the sole purpose of creating absolute ease and calm; designed to balance mind and body. Located at Robert Street, these buildings were an ideal setting from the 18th Century onwards. Later in time, they became the place where J.M. Barrie would live and subsequently write Peter Pan, bringing charm and a life of its own to an already iconic space.

Here, the newest AIRE centre will thrive, full of history and dedication towards the pursuit of a unique experience, now being part of a magical ambience: a place of rest, indulgence, and relaxation.



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