Get the Most of Our Moisturizing Experiences

Moisturized skin is happy skin. Even the most bare-bones skincare and makeup routine includes moisturizer as a fundamental step. That’s because a moisturizing experience for your skin is the best way to keep skin healthy, soft, and young-looking.

How to Tell if Skin is Moisturized

Moisturizing is essentially about replenishing the water content in your skin. As humans, roughly 60% of our body is water, so it’s important to maintain for healthy functions! How can you tell if skin needs a moisturizing experience? If the skin on your face feels tight, and has some patches that flake off, you need moisturizer. If the skin on your arms and legs looks cracked or a little discolored, you need moisturizer.

You can moisturize from the inside out by drinking water, but you can also moisturize from the outside using creams, lotions and gels.

Moisturizing your skin is key to keeping it smooth and soft, as opposed to hydrating your skin, which keeps skin looking plump and refreshed. Keeping skin moisturized has many benefits which includes:

  • Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Keeping skin looking young
  • Reducing the appearance of blemishes on the skin
  • Reducing potential skin problems, such as acne or severely dry skin

Many of these benefits overlap with each other and work together to keep skin healthy and soft to the touch. Moisturizing isn’t just for the face, either! It’s important to keep the rest of your body moisturized as well, for the very same reasons.

Different Ways to Moisturize

Moisturizing isn’t as simple as just slathering on lotion. It’s important to know the different ways moisturizers can work, and which method is best to treat any dry skin issues. The moisturizer you should use depends on the condition of your skin – how dry it is, and how much moisture it is missing. Depending on the other ingredients in your moisturizer, your skin can also reap anti-aging benefits, or brightening benefits as well.

While many creams, gels, and lotions are created to help soften skin, it’s also possible to use natural ingredients as moisturizers too!

A moisturizing experience that relies on natural ingredients usually comes in the form of an oil that is cold-pressed directly from the source. This helps to retain the beneficial properties of these natural ingredients. Many popular moisturizing oils are sourced from olives, argan, roses, and almonds.


A Moisturizing Experience for You


AIRE Ancient Baths offers a variety of moisturizing experiences at our US locations: Chicago and New York, and each one treats and moisturizes the body in a different way. You can try one of the following moisturizing experiences at AIRE:

The Ancient Argan Ritual

Argan oil, or liquid gold as it’s known, has been used by Berber women for centuries. The Ancient Argan Ritual focuses on treating both the body and the face with argan oil and argan cream products during a relaxing full-body massage and a facial massage. Argan oil contains Vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and linoleic acids that act as a lightweight moisturizer on the skin, and can help to soften dry patches. It’s light enough to be used in conjuction during a facial massage with jade stones and lavender oil, and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

The Vegan Experience by Ayuna

Inspired by the vegan diet and lifestyle, this moisturizing experience uses 100% vegan ingredients to maximize benefits for the skin. The Vegan Experience by Ayuna is a deep moisturizing ritual, as the skin is prepared with a scrub before moving onto an oil massage. The concocted blend of oils features almond, olives, gurjam, guaiacum, myrrh, chamomile, rosemary, and buchu to protect the skin, improve its elasticity, and provide intense moisturize.

The Olive Essence Ritual

Olive oil as a moisturizer has been a Mediterranean beauty secret for years. Natural olive oil has the same chemical compounds as human skin, and can be absorbed more easily, making it easier to moisturize. Olive oil also contains Vitamins A and E, to help fight against sun damage and prevent skin from aging. AIRE’s Olive Essence Ritual involves a body exfoliation using grounded oil pits and a massage using olive oil sourced from the olive groves of Andalucia.

A moisturizing experience at AIRE Ancient Baths is the perfect way to prepare and transition your skin for the upcoming fall and winter season, while also pampering yourself.