The Vegan Experience by Ayuna: A 100% vegan ritual

AIRE has a brand-new experience at its US locations, and it’s exactly what you’ve been hoping for: a fully vegan ritual, tailor-made for you by Ayuna from Barcelona, Spain.

Whether you’re exploring a non-animal diet or lifestyle for health, financial or simply culinary curiosity reasons…

or you are an early adopter, always the first in the know…

or it’s about time health and beauty caught up with your long-standing vegan needs and choices…

AIRE’s Vegan Experience is for you.

A quick refresher about this movement for anyone who might appreciate it:

“Vegetarian” refers to not eating animals, meaning that our four-legged, winged, etc. friends were not slaughtered in order to produce your food. “Vegan” goes one step further: vegan products do not contain any ingredients derived from animals in any way. For example, muffins are likely vegetarian, since they don’t (usually) contain meat, but it’s somewhat unlikely that they’re vegan. Why? Because milk and egg are frequently muffin ingredients and they come from animals, even if no slaughter is required.

But especially if you are your own master chef, you know that no butter is no problem. Most of the flavors and textures in non-vegan and non-vegetarian foods can easily be replaced. There is a whole world of delicious and nutritious spreads out there just waiting to be discovered, from nut butters to avocado, and that’s just for starters with butter.

Beyond savoring flavors, replacing and experimenting with textures in food is astonishingly easy. Implementing vegan substitutes can be particularly creative as you delve into the naturally delicious world of culinary chemistry. Loads of interesting seeds, grains and veggies are full of the vitamins, nutrients and minerals your body needs, and seeking out fun alternatives means your nutritional intake can be that much more diverse and complete.

One of the most important steps to saving the planet is reducing meat consumption because it contributes to soil exhaustion, namely due to land-clearing and overproduction of food, in addition to the impending world water crisis. We’ve seen the stats and all-too-real repercussions of an animal-heavy lifestyle on indigenous rights and resources, logistics and energy use, and biodiversity and nutrition.

But being vegan is more than a mealtime choice. It’s a complete lifestyle, implicit in all sorts of choices you make when you step away from the table, from the clothes you wear to your décor, energy choices, and much more.

AIRE meets Ayuna. Less is Beauty.

AIRE has joined the movement and incorporated a vegan lifestyle into their selection, together with an ever-increasing number of people across the United States. Americans are increasingly conscious about their decisions and demand for vegan food, establishments and experiences has increased by more than 500% over the past few years.

As part of this important movement, AIRE wants everyone who chooses their vegan ritual as a part of the AIRE experience to have the best one possible.

That’s why AIRE asked Ayuna, a company based in Barcelona, Spain (a major culinary and health hub) to create a dedicated comprehensive vegan ritual just for you. This completely natural experience makes the most of the minerals and essential oils you need, in adherence with the vegan philosophy.

During this ritual, green tea infused with mint and lime tends to your interior after you are scrubbed down with an exfoliating loofahwhich you will be taking home! –, while a 100% vegan crème lotion cares for your exterior, leaving you soft and smooth. During AIRE’s unique Vegan Experience, essential oils including myrrh, chamomile and buchu are mixed with a sweet almond and olive oil base for a 45-minute massage of pure vegan bliss. Wow…

And the benefits of this vegan ritual?

Beyond the good karma you’re putting out there, a timeless sense of peace and relaxation will help you to rejuvenate your body and spirit and let go of all your stress as you enjoy a loofah scrub-down, a massage and purifying tea in this guaranteed fully-vegan ritual.

Knowing that it’s not just good for you, but also for lots of creatures and the world in general is the cherry on top.

Making veganism part of your life is such a rich, satisfying experience. How many other ways do you incorporate this philosophy in your life?

Come and try this new vegan ritual in AIRE New York & AIRE Chicago.