What is Wine Therapy?

If you’re thinking that sipping from a bottle of Spain’s finest red wine is the only way to enjoy the benefits of grapes, we have some news for you!

You can soak it in as well.

Say what?

Here’s the full scoop.

The Origins

The benefits of red wine are no secret and it has been traced deep into the history books.

While no one knows exactly who discovered or perhaps stumbled upon the pleasures and welfare that come from wine, we do have evidence that wine was produced and used more than 6,000 years ago in the area of what is now modernly referred to as Armenia.

As a plant, grape vines originated where geographically Asia meets Europe, between the Black Sea, the Caspian and the Mediterranean, and even as far as today’s Iran.

The diverse flow of cultures that have stemmed from or flowed through this unique juncture of culture means that each can be found to enjoy traditions associated with grapes and fermentation. Medieval kings and commoners alike knew it well, and while the methods and recipes have evolved over time, the raw material remains the same: the grapevine.

This Eurasian plant variety carried by explorers and colonists around the globe is the mother of the beverage we consume today universally from countries such as South Africa, Australia, Chile, Canada, Hungary and China.

Scientists have studied the very essence of these grapes and their chemical properties as a natural source of hydration, vitamins and healthy compounds and the medicinal properties of red wine are well-documented. Scientific research has now also found that the polyphenols in red grapes can be effective in cosmetic and skin care applications.

Good for you, both inside and out

The benefits of grapes have been discovered in ever-more exacting detail over the last century with a specific focus on those polyphenols. These anti-oxidizing compounds fight aging and is naturally found in a variety of produce, but grapes are particularly proliferous in this sense!

All of the goodness packed into one little grape neutralizes free radicals and supports collagen and elastin fibers to maintain young-looking skin. While grape skins contain most of these elements, the flesh holds the hydration. The combination of the grape’s delicate yet nutrient-packed skin and the water-rich inner pulp give us a sweet, juicy morsel that is heart-healthy and promotes skin micro-circulation.

AIRE wine therapy

AIRE makes the most of these benefits with a unique signature experience, The Wine Bath Experience. Your private wine bath water is filled with the anti-oxidant rich infusion created using the Spanish tempranillo grape variety to give you bright, smooth skin. You’ll enjoy a relaxing half hour immersed in this gentle yet invigorating elixir.

Your head and face also get special treatment during a 15-minute massage with hydrating honey and propolis for all of the relaxation and hydration they deserve.

But that’s not all.

The bath is followed by a 60 minute full body massage using grapeseed oil extracted from the grapes harvested in Spain’s Ribera del Duero region. The products used were formulated by Esdor, a Grupo Matarromera company, as part of their technologically-advanced cosmetic line.

Also as part of this unique experience, you will have access to six different thermal baths, including hot, cold and warm pools. That’s in addition to the aromatherapy steam room, a salt water bath that will make all your cares float away and the jet bath. You can also take a little time out rest in the relaxation area on warm marble and enjoy some iced water and selection of special AIRE teas.

There is so much to this wine therapy that we need to pack the whole bunch in to one little bite:

Half an hour soaking in an red wine anti-oxidant bath while enjoying a cranio-facial massage. A 60-minute full body massage with an oil containing all of the nutrients and hydrating properties of grapes. A Spanish glass of red wine paired with its perfect tapa. Plus, a diverse thermal bath circuit including a resting area and specialty teas.

All of this age-old wisdom for the mind and body is available to you in all AIRE locations globally including Spain and the United States at Barcelona, Sevilla, Almería, Chicago and New York locations, and it all started with a delicious ruby-red jewel of a fruit.

Have you had your fruit today?