What to see in Almeria: the 5 must-see places

There is much to see in Almeria, a sunny and lively city that captures the essence of southern Spain. We make it easy for you so that on your next visit, you won’t miss out on any of its must-see attractions, including one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones.

If you are looking for a place to escape to and still haven’t decided on anything in particular, let us recommend the beautiful Almeria. On the shores of the Mediterranean, this city on the eastern coast of Andalusia is average sized which makes it possible to walk everywhere. You will however need some means of transportation to travel around the province, and to reach incredible places such as Cabo de Gata or the Tabernas Desert. Whether it is your first visit, or even if you’re already familiar with it, below we’ll explain our recommendations in detail so that you won’t miss out on all there is to see in Almeria.

1. The Alcazaba

Visible from any spot in the city, the monumental complex comprising the Alcazaba and the Walls of San Cristobal Hill is the city’s undisputed emblem. With an imposing and majestic appearance, this old fortress has served as the setting for some scenes in Game of Thrones. Specifically, it appears in the sixth season as Sunspear, the capital of House Martell’s kingdom of Dorne.

Constructed by Abderraman III more than a millennium ago, around the year 959, this Arabic citadel is one of the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula. As you would expect, however, it has undergone diverse changes over the course of all this time. The most important of these was the addition to the castle in 1489. When you visit it, you’ll walk along the remains of the old Jayran Wall and will be able to enjoy some extraordinary views from the Odalisca lookout. You’ll also be able to enter the Polvora tower, which functions as a warehouse for explosive materials, and the fascinating Homenaje tower.

2. The English Cable

This impressive iron, steel and wood construction is definitely another thing to see if you travel to Almeria. An old mineral loading platform, it is located on the Almadrabillas Beach between the commercial port and the marina. It was built in 1902 by "The Alquife Mines Railway Limited," an English mining company, in order to transport mineral shipments from the Alquife iron mine in Granada, and to be able to load these directly onto ships for later transport. This is why it is known by the nickname: "English."

Its design and development, overseen by the Gustave Eiffel school, marked a milestone in the history of both architecture and engineering. Not only did it manage to solve a logistical problem but it also represents a classic example of why aesthetics is also important. In recognition, it was declared an Andalusian Asset of Cultural Interest in 1988 and is a permanent feature of the Almerian landscape.

3. The House of Actors

The cinema house (Casa del Cine), also known as Cortijo Romero, is a very interesting small museum that displays the history of Almeria’s noteworthy cinematic past. Originally a bourgeois mansion from the end of the 19th century, this place would eventually provide accommodation for numerous Hollywood actors and actresses during filmings in Cabo de Gata or the Tabernas Desert. Among them were Peter O’Toole, Yul Brynner, Clint Eastwood and Brigitte Bardot. This all occurred during the 60s and 70s, when the city had hardly any hotels at all.

Recently renovated, the house is located in the center of Almeria on 1 Camino Romero. The guided tour it offers includes access to a room dedicated to John Lennon, who, during his stay of slightly more than a month in Autumn 1966, was inspired to compose Strawberry Fields Forever.

4. Casa Puga

Almeria’s tapa culture is one of the other main reasons to love this city. Throughout the city there are hundreds of bars of every kind. Some specialize in fish, others in meat and others in a specific type of food such as Mexican. Due to the high level of competition between them all, the truth is that the great majority serve excellent tapas. And the best part is that the tapas are included in the drink prices, and even then, each bar has its own menu, so you can choose to eat whatever you feel like.

Yet among all these there is one that we highly recommend, as it is the king of the classic establishments. It is Casa Puga, located in the heart of the city center at 7 Calle Jovellanos. In business since 1890, it is known for its legendary grilled mushrooms.

5. AIRE Ancient Baths

A can’t-miss visit during your days in Almeria will be AIRE Ancient Baths. This temple of relaxation, is located in the so-called Plaza Vieja or Plaza de la Constitución, right in heart of the historic quarter. Here you can enjoy a thermal circuit and a relaxing massage, always by candlelight and with delicate background melodies. This journey of the senses can conclude in an unforgettable rooftop bath in a heated pool, with the best 360 º views of Almeria, and of course, The Alcazaba.