A Sevilla Spa in a pure state of magic

When looking for a Sevilla spa, direct your steps to number 15 on Calle Aire. There you’ll find a former 15th-century palace house transformed into a place full of magic, one that is all about the pleasures of water.

A pure state of magic. Luxury for the senses. A place where time doesn’t exist and where the dim light of hundreds of candles goes together with the sound of delicate background melodies. This is AIRE Ancient Baths Sevilla: a temple dedicated to the relaxation of body and mind that is so much more than your typical spa. Within the 500-year old former palace, the inspiration provided by centuries of tradition takes form. Here you’ll live an unforgettable experience as you get swept away by the different water rooms, until they come find you to start with the massage or ritual that you have chosen.

Right in the historic center of Seville, in the heart of the labyrinth of narrow streets that is the Barrio de Santa Cruz (the old Jewish quarter), AIRE Ancient Baths Sevilla revives the essence of the ancient civilizations that made water a central part of their daily life. They adopted it as a socializing element, a key to life and spirit, and we have brought it to the present day. This inspiration has its origins in the way the ancient Arabs, Greeks, Romans and Ottomans understood baths, as all of them had integrated this tradition into their culture. If compared to the 21st century, it would be more or less what spas are for us today.

The first thing that stands out when you arrive at the AIRE Ancient Baths Sevilla reception is the feeling of luxury and the attention to detail all around you. It begins with the unique orange blossom fragrance that completely envelopes you, making you realize that you’ve arrived at a place where calm and tranquility reign. Once you have cleared the check-in process, you will be brought to the locker rooms. These are located on the first floor, overlooking the beauty of the house’s main focal point: the unique Sevillian courtyard. Once you’ve stored your clothes in your locker and put on your swimsuit and bathrobe, you’ll be ready to proceed to the next phase: one of pure enjoyment for the senses. A very special sensual journey you will not easily forget.

A sensual journey

At AIRE Ancient Baths Sevilla, you will live unforgettable moments passing through several water rooms set to different temperatures. None of your experiences at any other spa will be comparable to this one, where you must prepare to lose your notion of time as you enter a state of total relaxation. Accompanied by the light of candles, you’ll feel your body and mind release all their tensions with a relaxing massage or sophisticated ritual.

Both in Sevilla as in the rest of the AIRE cities, the AIRE Experience includes the Tepidarium (Lukewarm Bath), the Caldarium (Hot Bath), and the Frigidarium (Cold Bath). You’ll also pass through the Balneum (Bath of a Thousand Jets) and the Hammam (Vapor Bath), which we perfume with eucalyptus essences in order to amplify its benefits for the respiratory system. The incomparable Flotarium (Salt Bath) is worth its own separate mention, located under an authentic 2nd-century Roman vault. Here you only have to let yourself be carried away by the sensation of buoyancy as you are swayed by the subtle melodies you’ll listen to when in the water.

The best views of Sevilla

During this entire time, you’ll always be able to use the relaxation room for whatever you desire. You can sit on a warm marble bench, and to keep you hydrated, savor an exclusive selection of delicious cold and hot teas. Or, if you prefer, you can request to be served a refreshing juice recently made from natural fruit. If you’d like a sweet touch, ask for a glass of cava with chocolates.

As if this weren’t good enough, if your reservation includes a massage that lasts 45 minutes or more, or if you’ve chosen to enjoy one of our rituals, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the open-air roof bath before saying goodbye. There you’ll find yourself face to face with the most spectacular view you can imagine of Seville Cathedral and the Giralda.

A wine bath?

Likewise, if you decide on it, you will have the opportunity to try our exclusive Wine Bath, an experience you can only have with AIRE. In Seville and at the rest of the AIRE centers, the Wine Bath is located in a separate room that is accessed privately: either individually or in pairs. Pay attention to the decoration: it includes dozens of candles, hundreds of wine bottles, and several old wine barrels and boxes. Whether you have reserved it to top off your day or as a complete ritual, you will immerse yourself fully in the antioxidant properties of the Ribera del Duero red grape. Specifically, the grapes are from the vineyards of the prestigious Matarromera Wineries, whose laboratories worked for more than two years to obtain the Wine Bath’s exclusive formula. With all of this, your skin will benefit from its highly nutritious effects, so that at the end of the process you’ll feel how your skin is so much more firm and bright. In addition, during your time in the Wine Bath you will enjoy a delightful craniofacial massage as an ultra-moisturizing hair mask is applied that will nourish your hair, leaving it soft and rejuvenated. Now that you know all these details, do you want to be pampered as you enjoy the AIRE Experience in Seville?