Where to Relax in Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot to offer and can keep you going at a frenetic pace. So, where is the best place to relax in Barcelona?

AIRE Barcelona, hands down.

The experience awaiting you in the city’s very center starts with your first step through the door back into the 17th century. Then, the clock just stops. Here, you can embrace the timeless wisdom of health and beauty rituals originating around the Mediterranean.

What treatments are available at AIRE Barcelona?

Your options are as varied as the landscapes of the Med.

The Perfect Skin Ritual

In contrast to its sunny international reputation, a common complaint amongst Barcelona locals is the city’s effect on their skin, caused by the combination of humid Mediterranean air and urban pollution. The best way to give your skin a break is The Perfect Skin Ritual at AIRE. For one whole hour, an array of natural oils and organic products by Ami Iyök cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin through a massage that effectively renews it. Nothing will express your sense of vitality and well-being like your perfect skin.

The Holistic Ritual

Harmony sets the tone of this green tea and lime exfoliation experience, which is followed by a massage using green tea oil. The whole ritual is infused with the aromas of green tea and lavender as your therapist evaporates every last bit of tension using their fingertips, hands, wrists, forearms and elbows at a variety of intensities during a comprehensive Hawaiian lomi-lomi-style massage. A honey hydration hair mask completes this blissful experience, achieving a deep and total sense of peace and relaxation.

The Athlete Ritual

Athletes have long heeded ancient health and beauty wisdom and we’ve all seen the results. Whether preparing for a competition or recovering from a performance, you will feel the difference AIRE’s Athlete Special Ritual makes. Using cool eucalyptus and warm macadamia nut to activate blood circulation, this massage primarily works the main muscle groups and alleviates joint tension, essential for increased mobility and flexibility. This invigorating ritual works deep into well-developed muscles so you can move faster, work harder and live stronger.

The Himalayan Salt Experience

Select this special ritual to purify your body by eliminating toxins. The elements and compounds naturally found in the hot salt stones are transferred through massage to energize you, providing ultimate stress relief as you relax on warm marble. This experience is complemented by amaranth and trimoist tension relief designed especially for the delicate facial area.

The Candle Oil Experience

This ritual combines the ephemeral with the physical as the aroma of candles wafts in through air and four hands massage your whole body. Two therapists will synchronize their movements to relax your feet, legs, abs, chest, arms and head with sweet almond oil, coconut oil and shea butter, leaving your skin silky smooth. A complementary infusion maintains your inner sense of well-being too as you bask in the glow of The Candle Oil Experience.

The Mind & Body Ritual by Miriam Quevedo

Skin health and care expert Miriam Quevedo created a unique experience for AIRE Barcelona. The resulting Mind & Body Ritual is nothing less than absolute luxury. It rejuvenates your hair and scalp with an intensely rich treatment containing 24-carat micronized gold and white caviar. A muscle-toning massage puts your mind and body at complete ease during this splendorous, sumptuous and exclusive AIRE experience.

The Floating Ritual

The Floating Ritual was inspired by Japanese tradition focusing on the sensation of weightlessness. Free your mind and body with the swaying, kneading and stretching motions of shiatsu, the Japanese art of healing that decompresses the joints and tone muscles. The result is a deep state of well-being. This fluid, flowing experience is multi-sensory too: the scent of lavender essential oils mingles in the air to intensify and enhance your sense of absolute physical freedom.

The Vegan Experience by Ayuna

The comprehensive vegan experience created for AIRE by Ayuna, a company based in Barcelona, is a completely natural ritual from the inside out. Green tea infused with mint and lime tends to your interior while a 100% vegan crème lotion cares for your exterior. During the Vegan Experience, essential oils such as myrrh, chamomile and buchu are mixed with a base of sweet almond and olive oils for 45 minutes of pure vegan bliss in the form of a massage that will leave you smooth and soft. You can even take home the exfoliating loofah.

There are so many ways to relax but one definitive place for R&R in Barcelona. Come see what an AIRE experience can do for you.