Find your inner peace: techniques and benefits

Inner peace has become a fascinating topic that has been covered worldwide by spiritual leaders, doctors, therapists and psychologists. We love to romanticize inner peace as the answer to everything in life, yet do very little to acquire it, because in order to achieve this state, something very scary is required of us and that is change.

What is inner peace

Inner peace is the ability to withstand life’s shortcomings by training the mind to enter into a deliberate spiritual and psychological state of calm. It is commonly linked with happiness, contentment and bliss, but these are temporary states; embarking on the path of inner peace helps us navigate through the turbulent waters of uncertainty, suffering and sadness.

Benefits of inner peace

Inner peace allows us to confront life with an open heart and mind, helps us keep track of what is important to us and eliminate negative influence. The pursuit of inner peace is a universal goal, but it seems like most of us lose sight of its numerous benefits.

Focus on our goals

Inner peace calms our mind and allows us to see our path much clearer, helping us focus and keep track of our goals. Having clear goals is like having a compass; you know where you want to go, you aim for it and commit to the road, trusting that all obstacles are worthy challenges rather than intimidating threats.

Avoid bad habits

Bad habits are the result of negative pattern behaviors, which stem from our inability to confront our problems and obstacles with an open heart and mind. Inner peace gifts us with the optimal mechanisms to deal with our stress in healthy ways, allowing us to grow and feel more content as a result.

The road to happiness

Inner peace is the path towards happiness. We tend to use these concepts interchangeably, but they are different. Having inner peace is what allows us to enjoy and appreciate the present, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

Reduce stress

The definition of stress is pressure from an external stimulus. It should come as no surprise that most chronic diseases [and illnesses] are rooted in unmanaged stress. When we embark on the path of inner peace, these external circumstances or situations don’t affect us, improving our overall physical and mental health.

Keys to finding inner peace

Finding inner peace is deceptively simple. We tend to get stuck in our negative mindsets and habits because of our fear of change, but as we all know, change is the only constant factor in our lives and can be very powerful.

In the balance lies inner peace

Discovering the balance in what you say, think, eat and do is the challenging yet possible mission that will bring us inner peace in our daily lives.

Simplify and defeat

Evaluating which activities we do or don’t engage our time in simplifies our lives greatly. We can’t do everything, we can’t always win and we certainly can’t please everyone, so choosing what matters and is important to us will help us free ourselves of unnecessary stress and unhappiness

Listen to your inner self

Aligning your core values and beliefs with your actions is a great way to establish a compass on how you invest your time and energy with people and activities. It is very simple: if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Stay away from the things that drain your energy and just go along with what you stand for and believe in.

Take away the criticism of your life

Criticizing others is a waste of time and energy and reveals a lot more about our unhappiness and dissatisfaction with our lives, but the worst type of criticism we can engage in is in our own. We tend to be our own worst enemies; we constantly criticize and punish ourselves for our human nature and that is one of the most self-destructive behaviors. Be kind to yourself, realize that mistakes are just opportunities to learn and grow, and that nobody is perfect. Once we stop being so self-critical and start loving ourselves is when we can do the same for others.

The importance of meditating and reflecting

Meditation is based on the idea that you can cultivate a more positive and calm state of mind through a series of techniques that improve our emotional positivity, clarity and concentration. Meditating allows us to understand our mind habits and patterns better. Reflecting on these helps us in replacing negative patterns by cultivating new, positive ways of being present.

One good turn deserves another

Without a doubt, inner peace simply makes you a better person overall and, when you enjoy peace within yourself, you automatically feel compelled to give back and help others feel good too. Inner peace enables you to share your happiness and positive mindset with the people that surround you, especially your loved ones.

The power of forgiveness

Hate, regret and grudges towards other people and yourself are very useless and negative feelings that contribute to making you feel more stressed and unhappy. Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give, mainly because it will help you get rid of unnecessary stress and anger from your life.

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