Discover 3 healthy meal plans!

Three free healthy meal plans: vegetarian, flexitarian and Spanish cuisine.

Need a healthy meal plan to help you stick to your ideal diet or save some money on groceries? Here are three ideas for vegetarians, flexitarians and a special one for those who want to add a little Spanish flair into their dining.

Mediterranean cuisine has a reputation for being extremely healthy and Spain in particular enjoys a bevy of fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, and many recipes are easy to find out or replicate at home. (If you’re a regular at AIRE New York, consider coming to see our Spanish locations too.)

What does a healthy meal plan look like? The graph below provides a variety of lifestyle options:


Plan 1 – Vegetarian/vegan

Plan 2 – Flexitarian

Plan 3 – When in Spain… 


Mini spinach quiche or flatbread and

100% fresh fruit juice

Yogurt and muesli

Orange juice and bread with a dash of olive oil and salt, spread with fresh tomato


Avocado toast with nuts

Mini veggie and hummus sandwich

cuajada (light yogurt dessert) with honey and walnuts


Tofu poke bowl with lots of veggie and nut/seed toppings

Bell pepper tacos with cauliflower rice and black beans

Mixed salad and a slice of Spanish potato omelet


Fresh seasonal fruit

Fresh seasonal fruit

Fresh seasonal fruit


Baked potato (with/out cheese) and broccoli and chia seeds. Indulge in a small glass of red wine if you like.

One serving of meat or tofu with stir-fried veggies. Indulge in a small glass of red wine if you like.

Grilled fillet of fresh fish served with broth. Indulge in a small glass of red wine if you like.

These meal plans are based on the premise of “smaller meals more often” to keep a constant, even flow of energy in the bloodstream without sugar highs or crashes. Many of the options can also be interchanged across the suggested menus.

To make these healthy meal plans even more useful, here’s how to expand them and make your own personalized one: vegetables and fruits should make up the largest portion of your meals.

What you’re looking for in carbohydrates is their fiber and complex carbohydrate content, not their simple carbohydrates and sugars. Make sure to choose whole grains, whether you are enjoying bread, rice, cereal, crackers or noodles.

One serving of protein is less than you might think. The perfect serving is about the size of your palm.

On the other hand, water is a must and should go with every meal and snack!

Feel free to indulge in sweets once in a while, but just a little bit. It should be just enough to make your mouth happy and still keep the rest of your body happy too. Sufficient sleep and robust exercise are fundamental to how your body manages nutrition. Sleep contributes to energy level regulation and digestion, while exercise helps your body know it can use up those calories. You’ll get better rest at night, to boot! Nutrition, exercise and rest are all connected.

But what if you eat out for a meal or need to eat on the go?

The good news is that more and more healthy restaurants in NYC that offer increasingly tasty plant-based options. Sustainability is on the menu at many of these locations, and that’s definitely a win if not a must these days.Healthy food isn’t just for eating, though. Our skin can soak in the benefits too.

  • Green tea and lime are two of the main ingredients your skin can take in during AIRE’s holistic ritual The natural goodness packed into these green buffs and tones your cutis as naturally exfoliating scrubs during a cleansing, and relaxing massage.
  • Likewise, wine isn’t just for drinking. Try our Wine Bath Experience and treat your skin to a healthy glow from the outside in, packed with polyphenols.
  • Salt is one more treasured beauty tool found in the kitchen. In the right amount, it brings out the flavor in our dishes. On the outside, it is a wonderful natural scrub and cleanser. Treat your skin and relieve stress with warm salt stones that dispel tension from your aching muscles. AIRE’s Himalayan Salt Experience also includes an exfoliation and  massage followed by refreshing round in the thermal baths.

Select your healthy meal plan and enjoy a balanced diet of nutrients and minerals as they do wonders on your inside and outside: salt, wine, water and AIRE.