Healthy Restaurants in NYC: eat as your way of life

Healthy restaurants in New York are taking the city by storm, pulling in vegetarians, vegans and healthy eaters all around the world. Whether you’re visiting for a few days or trying to make it in the Big Apple, make sure to check out at least one, if not all, of these delicious and healthy culinary options.


If you already know your ABCs, you should also know abcV. Part of the ABC Carpet & Home family, abcV is one of New York’s premiere plant-based restaurants. As expected from a family that sells magnificent carpets and furniture, their dishes offer your palate the beauty and balance you would want in every room in your home. Located just a few blocks away from Union Square, their spacious and brightly lit venue invites you to sit, relax and choose to indulge in artisanal dishes that have been prepared with the utmost care and attention, with non gmo ingredients from small family farms on a local and global scale. abcV is committed to promote a plant-based menu that aims to balance both your personal and planetary ecosystem.

The Butcher’s Daughter

You might expect a butcher’s daughter to follow her parent’s footsteps, but some daughters turn out to be quite rebellious. With 3 New York locations in Nolita, West Village and Williamsburg, The Butcher’s Daughter has no beef; it is a 100% vegetarian restaurant with a juice bar and cafe. Known as “the vegetable slaughterhouse”, where thousands of organic and locally grown vegetables are butchered every day, The Butcher’s Daughter focuses on plant-based cuisine, where beef is replaced with delicious vegetables and provide tasty meat substitutes, such as sausages made out of fennel and white beans. Serving all three daily meals and weekend brunch, they constantly refresh their menu to ensure seasonal juices, cocktails and dishes all year long. For the extra healthy (and extra delicate) palates, they also offer gluten-free, vegan options and substitutes upon request.

By Chloe

In the course of only 3 years, byChloe has become the hipster authority in clean, vegan eating. With 8 locations in New York City (and 6 more in Los Angeles, Boston, Providence and UK), byChloe is 100% vegan and plant-based, with a delicious menu that is cholesterol-free and has no chemical additives or artificial flavors. byChloe’s menu boasts simple yet nutritious bites and salads that will give your taste palate a truly memorable experience, with tasty appetizers like the Kale Artichoke Dip, and burger patties made from scratch with delicious vegan ingredients, such as the smoked portobello mushroom and seitan patty in the Whiskey BBQ burger. As if that weren’t enough, byChloe’s explosive growth has expanded to also please New Yorkers’ sweet teeth with “Sweets byChloe”, offering delicious vegan pastries such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies and three layered cakes.

Dirt Candy

If Willy Wonka were to switch to vegetarian, he would probably want to call his factory something like Dirt Candy. Sadly for Mr. Wonka, that name would already been taken.

A whimsical name for earth grown delights, Dirt Candy offers delicious and colorful dishes made with the sweetest ingredients plucked from the dirt (ground). Its new venue on the Lower East Side boasts with counter seating, a full bar with a curated wine list and a healthy a la carte menu with tasty appetizers such as the Korean fried broccoli, tiny carrot sliders and the tomato tart. Dirt Candy has instinctively grouped and created the Vegetable Patch, a five course meal with the most popular dishes for the newcomers and indecisive diners and also the Vegetable Garden, a nine + course meal with an exquisite selection of rotating seasonal (fodder) for the more ambitious appetites. They are also very considerate and are willing to accommodate to vegan and gluten-free modifications upon request.

Two Hands

Everybody needs a helping hand once in a while, especially in New York City. Right around the corner from AIRE Ancient Baths in TriBeca is Two Hands, a brightly-lit and plant-filled Australian cafe and restaurant that specializes in pairing simple yet nourishing and tasty food with phenomenal coffee. Inspired by the Aussie laid-back beach vibes and modern cooking, this cozy space fosters an environment of community and innovation, with a creative menu that covers breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner prepared with fresh ingredients that range from delicious pickled-chili scrambled eggs, cauliflower couscous and smashed avocado toast served with beers, wines and delectable cocktails such as espresso martinis and brunch bloody marys and mimosas. Their homemade bread and butter is an absolute must!


Founded in 2007 and currently enjoying an expansion of over 20 locations throughout New York and many/numerous others around the states/country, Sweetgreen is perhaps one of the few restaurant chains that is actively engaged in sustainability. Their slow food approach towards sourcing and cooking their ingredients is oriented towards creating a community of conscious consumers who care about their food and where it comes from. Each of their spaces reflect the spirit of the community and building it is part of, with open kitchens for total transparency and chalkboard source lists that indicate where the ingredients come from. No Sweetgreen is exactly the same; their interiors are decorated with local art in various mediums that reflect the season and ethos of each neighborhood it is located in.

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