The Most Beautiful Christmas Markets

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to indulge in family-friendly activities, travel to different places, shop for your loved ones, and take part in holiday festivities. People like to go all out during the Christmas season and love getting into the holiday spirit. What better way to celebrate the holidays this year than by visiting the astonishing Christmas markets that take place all over the world? 

Christmas markets are a tale of time, going back years ago to traditional times when local shops and vendors gathered together to provide a special experience for both locals and travelers alike. They serve up warm beverages, holiday knick-knacks, and decorate their stalls with the most beautiful Christmas lights and shiny objects. 

While there are many popular Christmas Markets that now take place all over the world, some are known to really stand out from the crowds as being the most beautiful Christmas Markets people have ever laid their eyes upon. They tend to have a special charm about them, that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world time and time again. Here are just a few of the most beautiful Christmas markets to visit this holiday season: 

Another noteworthy market that takes place in the USA is the famous Christkindmarket, located in Chicago, Illinois. For locals, it has been a holiday tradition since 1996 and attracts many people from all over the country each year. 

Also a German-inspired themed market, they import ornaments and decorations from Germany and you can catchGerman live music in one of their white tents towards the back of the market. Locals and tourists alike stop by to get a cup of fresh mulled wine in a Christmas themed souvenir cup. 

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If you can’t make it over to Europe this year, then there are plenty of amazing Christmas Markets that take place in the USA.The Christkindlmarket in Washington is a Christmas lovers favorite. At this German-inspired market, you can find plenty of holiday-inspired treats, food, and beverages

Spend hours browsing through this winter wonderland and take part in the Christmas festivities, including live music and other enjoyable activities. After taking a visit to Christkindmarket, you can also relax in The Ancient Thermal Bath & 60' Relaxing Massage.

Filled with local specialties and handmade crafts, this stunning Christmas Market located next to the city hall in Hamburg, Germany is one to be enjoyed by all. 

At certain times in the evenings, they have a flying Santa Clause that flies all around the market which is quite a sight to see! This Christmas Market has entertainment for all ages and receives thousands of visitors a year 

Walking through the city of Prague is like stepping into a real-life fairytale- so it’s no surprise that their Christmas Market should be any different. 

Browse through local hand-crafts, Christmas decorations, try their traditional Christmas sweets, and more. Feel free to partake in their popular selections of food and sip on some hot mulled wine to keep you warm. Don’t forget to try their famous Czech beers while you’re at it.

Each year, they offer a different Christmas theme to enjoy and a wide variety of entertainment including songs by a local choir and their famous tree-lighting ceremony on their huge Christmas Tree that overlooks the market. 

Belvedere Palace, Vienna Austria

The charming city of Vienna celebrates its spectacular Christmas Market every year next to the Belvedere Palace, and really sets the stage for Christmas market goers everywhere. Located directly in front of the Upper Belvedere Palace, don’t forget to snap some incredible photos of this stunning monument with this once in a lifetime view. 

They place a high focus on their quality selection of arts and crafts throughout the market, so remember to pick out an unforgettable treasure for your family and friends back home. Take some time to indulge in roasted chestnuts and mulled wine as you explore the stunning shops and decor. 

The celebration of Christmas comes alive when you choose to visit a Christmas Market and enjoy the numerous activities that can really get you excited for the holidays. We hope you enjoyed reading this list of our top picks for the world’s best Christmas Markets. Which one will go on your wish list this year?