What are the best vitamins for your skin?

There are many treatments out there offering you the best vitamins for your skin for a fresh look.

What is in them and how do minerals and vitamins benefit your skin anyway? Here’s how, together with some of or top recommendations for making the most of these ingredients:

Vitamin A for your skin 

Did you know that vitamin A has an alias? Most vitamins have one, and vitamin A’s is retinol. That’s right, it’s the same anti-aging nutrient found in sweet potatoes and leafy greens. Vitamin A is a wonderful toner and acne fighter, plus, it slows signs of aging. You should remember to wear extra moisturizer and SPF when taking retinoids because you might experience some initial drying and sun sensitivity, but in the big picture, vitamin A, AKA retinol, is doing great stuff to your skin.

Vitamin B for your skin 

Vitamin B brings the 1, 2, 3 to your vitamin A, B, C’s because when it comes to skin health, vitamin B complex is where it’s at. B3 can reduce age spots and discoloration and B5 helps irritated and acne-prone skin, and that’s just two of the B’s. You’ll find the whole family in all kinds of places, like eggs, bananas, nuts and seeds, but the great and surprising news is that vitamin B seems to be more effective on skin when applied topically, not ingested. So, lay on those creams and sing along! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3… 

Vitamin E for your skin 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Vitamin E is an amazing nutrient and it’s a must for skin health, pitching in on everything from repair to rejuvenation. Spinach, tomatoes, corn and mangoes are some nutritional sources that will keep your diet vitamin-E (and therefore anti-oxidant)-rich, but it is also found in topical treatments, and works especially well as an enhancer, boosting the effects of other nutrients such as vitamin C (so say yes to that citrus-mango smoothie!). 

There are soaps and scrubs, masks and exfoliators, massage oils, moisturizers, cleansers, toners and many more products and services out there that contain these vitamins.


One of our favorites is the hammam. There is no better place to remove dead skin, and hammams do that using a unique black soap made from olives. Both moisturizing and exfoliating, this cleanser gently scrubs out dirt. After that, you slather on a clay mask that is rich in nutrients and minerals.

A walk through the hammam means your skin will also be experiencing diverse temperatures. Heat and cool contrasts clean your sinuses and relieve joint pressure. The massage you receive also promotes healthy blood circulation and, obviously, deeply relaxes your muscles.

One of the best parts of the hammam experience is the argan oil. This liquid gold is rich in vitamin E, rehydrating your hair and skin to give it a luxurious shine. Endemic to Morocco, the olive-like fruit of the argan tree is an ancient source of dermatological nutrition and protection from sun and stretch marks. You are in luck because you can enjoy the oil and all its benefits with AIRE’s Ancient Argan Ritual. Soak up the “gold of the desert” for sumptuous, rejuvenated skin. Let its versatile Vitamin E-packed moisture nurture you.

Another nutrient-rich treat for your skin at AIRE is the Himalayan Salt Experience. The table salt we’re familiar with can contain more than textbook sodium chloride compounds. It can also have small amounts of magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc, which are all naturally occurring elements that we need a little bit of.

The charming pink rock found in the Himalayan mountains is featured in AIRE’s Himalayan Salt Experience, during which it is used to perform a strategic massage that will cleanse and purify you from the inside out. As a topical treatment, it will reduce redness, rough patches and purify your pores.

Purifying goodness is also part of the experience of the Holistic Ritual. Green tea, lime, honey, and propolis are four of the (vitamin E-rich!) natural ingredients used to pamper every inch of you in this full-body ritual. This indulgently hydrating treatment features masks and massages will leave you in a state of bliss with luminous, nourished skin.

The best vitamins and minerals for your skin are found in the natural, high-quality ingredients found at hammams and in AIRE’s Ancient Argan Ritual, Himalayan Salt Experience and Holistic Ritual. Come and see for yourself.