Best vegan restaurants in Barcelona

Best known for its tapas and sangrias, the city of Barcelona also has a wide array of delicious alternatives for those who consciously choose to eat on the healthier side. And, we are truly lovers of Barcelona and its vegan restaurants, so we made a list of our favorites for you to visit.

List of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona

If you want to have a meaningful, vegan foodie experience during your visit in Barcelona, make sure to check these amazing vegan restaurants.


At 2Y, cooking and eating are spiritually gratifying experiences. The opposing and complimentary forces Yin and Yang come to play in their kitchen, where fresh, organic ingredients are prepared, from the seed to the table, with the utmost attention and care.


Café Blueproject is a charming vegan spot that specializes in raw, unprocessed and organic dishes with ingredients that come from ecological agriculture, replacing heat with techniques that maintain and obtain the nutrient of the food through natural processes that fully participate with the planet’s sustainability.


Fast food for vegans? Yes, that’s correct! Conveniently located a block away from Gaudí’s iconic La Sagrada Familia, this colorful, dog-friendly space offers the vegan version of fast food, such as nuggets, herbed fries, onion rings, packaged snacks and juices. The setburg and campburger are some of their most popular vegan burgers, also served with vegan cheese. Great for take-out or a quick bite!


Just a few blocks away from the bustle of Las Ramblas, this cozy and intimate cafeteria and bakery is mostly known for their vegan croissants, cupcakes, and pizzas. They offer a fresh variety of juices and smoothies, and also serve typical Spanish snacks.


Crudi (Italian word for uncooked) offers healthy food that tastes so good! With an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, they prepare smoothies, fruit slushes, and just about any juice whim your healthy mind may have. The organic açai bowl and vegan cheese pizza are an absolute must-try. The place is cozy, with generous and attentive service from the owner herself.


Vegaterra is the rebirth of El Maderal Bar Vegano, which opened its doors in 2016 near La Sagrada Familia. Even though the name changed, their mission remains the same: the fight for animal liberation and cruelty-free food. Here you can enjoy delicious tapas and homemade vegan food, and they also offer delivery.


At Cat Bar, there are no cats, but you can certainly expect a cat-themed atmosphere. This small vegan beer and burger bar offers a customizable menu, with a variety of vegan burgers, tasty patatas bravas and delicious sauces, along with a great selection of local Spanish and Catalan beers.


Small, but mighty. Vackä, which means “to awaken”, will definitely please vegans and non-vegans alike. This vegan specializes in cruelty-free food and is on a mission to promote conscious and ethical eating. Offering a variety of delicious options ranging from crêpes and waffles to vegan burgers and fresh juices, they are also flexible in accommodating for food restrictions. Their desserts, such as the double chocolate cake with red fruits, are very tasty, and their service is fast and very welcoming. They also make their own cheeses with ecological ingredients of the highest quality, and without artificial preservatives.


Located just a short walk away from the beach in Plaça de la Barceloneta, this intimate sangria bar serves raw food, veggie burgers and vegan versions of paella and tapas made with natural and local ingredients. They offer a great selection of organic wines, which are the base for their delicious and refreshing sangrias, mixed together with spices and fruits. Non-alcoholic options are also available. Try the tempeh skewers and their tasty desserts, such as the tiRAWmisu and their bRAWnies!


La Raposa, which means fox, or vixen, is more than a vegan bar; it is also a feminist bookstore and a space open to musical and artistic activities, workshops and events aimed towards sustainable living. Here you can enjoy vegetarian tapas and dishes while reading a bit about feminism, gender perspective and veganism in a luminous and vibrant atmosphere. They also have alcoholic, non-alcoholic and gluten-free drinks to satisfy all.


The best vegan and vegetarian pizzas in Barcelona can be found at Dolce Pizza & Los Veganos. They have a very friendly staff, a variety of vegan comfort food and delicious desserts. Make sure to try their homemade cheese!


In his new restaurant bearing his own name, Michelin-star chef Xavier Pellicer proudly strives to make each dish a piece of art, from the way the food is arranged to the chinaware it is placed on. Using techniques such as wok, various spices and chargrilling, his cuisine can be best described as biodynamic; the ingredients are local, fresh, free of chemicals, and also have added vitality. This is definitely a very satisfying gastronomic experience that is both tasty and healthy. Among Pellicer’s favorites are the gazpacho and cauliflower puree.

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