Best Couple's Massage in Chicago

Did you know that AIRE Chicago includes special experiences like The Signature Wine Experience - For two? It’s the best couple’s massage in the whole of Chicago, or maybe even west of New York! (AIRE does have another location in Manhattan…)

Why is it the best? Because the AIRE Chicago Experience is all about the ambiance. You step off Superior Street back into the start of the 20th century as you enter the sturdy, elegant building… and then back into ancient cultures as you immerse yourself in their timeless wisdom. Time ceases to exist as you experience health and beauty rituals from all around the Mediterranean and beyond. Luxuriate and let stress melt away in the baths, where refreshing aromas accompany varying temperatures that entice the senses through the contrasting textures of air and water. The Caldarium (Hot Bath), the Frigidarium (Cold and Iced Baths), Tepidarium (Warm Bath), the Balneum (Bath of a Thousand Jets), the Vaporium (Two Steam Rooms with aromatherapy), the Flotarium (Salt Bath), and the Palestra (Indoor/Outdoor bath) as well as a salt exfoliation area complete the sensory experience with a variety of intensities.

The Signature Wine Experience - For two gives you both the chance to soak in complete relaxation in a private bath filled with antioxidants for bright, smooth skin. Privately bath for half an hour in water filled with the nutrients of Spanish grapes from the Ribera del Duero region, then receive an grapeseed oil massage, in addition to head and face massages with a honey and propolis mask to hydrate and pamper you both. Can you think of any other place where you can be together in such sumptuous luxury? This is the best couple’s massage in Chicago, no doubt about it.

Another option if you are on your own is the Holistic Ritual. A renewing body scrub is used to exfoliate your skin, followed by a massage with sandalwood oil in what is almost a spiritual experience. Then, the therapist smooths out any tension using specific techniques to target the strain in the muscles applying a variety of intensities. A honey hydration hair mask completes the experience, the perfect way to leave you with a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

Another special experience has its origins deep in the deserts of North Africa amongst the Berbers. Just as they have used argan to maintain a stunning complexion despite desert conditions, we too have learned to use “the gold of the desert” in the Ancient Argan Massage to focus on sumptuous skin. A perfect anti-aging method, this ritual enriches the skin with vitamin E present in Argan oil, in combination with the textures, aromas and special properties of lavender and jade stones in nothing less than an ancient beauty ritual.

Your choices continue: eighty whole minutes of purification and detox will bring you balance in the Himalayan Salt Ritual. Nourish and regenerate with a body wrap with Himalayan salt crystals for ultimate relaxation and purity of mind and body and receive a three-part massage given with oil and complemented with Himalayan salt rocks to bring the balance of energizing stress relief.

Athletes are no strangers to places like AIRE, but they will see the difference that AIRE’s Deep Intensity Massage makes in their minds and bodies, no matter whether they are preparing for or recovering from a top performance. Our massage oil, which combines different essential oils, ivy extract, sweet almond and jojoba, promotes toxin release and blood circulation and aids in toning and nourishing the skin. With pressure on specific areas prone to tension, this experience may also relieve tension in joints, the oft-forgotten heroes of our mobility and flexibility. This ritual invigorates you by working deep into well-developed muscles through the use of special techniques to free your body and encourage even greater athletic performance.

Whatever experience you choose, an AIRE Experience for two or solo pampering, you will have all the different thermal baths, as well as a relaxation area with warm marble to rest and cool hydrating water to drink, in addition to special AIRE teas. Indulge and enjoy the AIRE Chicago experience with a partner or by yourself and let time stop for a while.