Benefits of yoga. Find your inner balance

The benefits that yoga can bring to your day-to-day life at both a mental and physical level are many and varied. In case you needed a few reasons as to why you should incorporate this practice into your life, the following in-detail summary of its main advantages will finally convince you.

In addition to helping you balance your body and mind and finding that state of inner peace you’ve been seeking for so long, yoga will lead you down the path of a healthier life. So, if you’ve finally decided to devote more time to taking care of yourself inside and out, the moment has arrived for you to start practicing yoga.

The benefits of yoga at both a mental and physical level are many and very diverse. You will begin to notice them from the very first session. Not in vain has this ancient technique been practiced for several thousand years, although no one knows the exact amount for sure. In fact, yoga is more than an exercise to stay in shape – it is a philosophy. A lifestyle originated in India that invites us to be at peace with ourselves and with the universe that surrounds us. In short, yoga aims to make us feel happier in every sense and offers many advantages.

1. Reduces stress

Yoga helps minimize issues that are common for many of us—such as stress, anxiety and depression--that are derived from our Western lifestyle. This is because practicing it reduces our levels of cortisol, the hormone that is released when we are stressed.

2. Clears your mind

And as a result, it enhances the ability to concentrate and learn, while at the same time benefiting your memory. Only 15 minutes of yoga a day is enough to achieve favorable changes in the brain’s biochemical activity.

3. Improves flexibility

Practicing yoga is about, among other things, stretching and toning the muscles, which is why it is very helpful in obtaining (and maintaining) a more upright posture and the resulting benefits. For this reason, it is especially recommended for those who suffer from back problems, and in general for anyone who for work reasons is seated many hours a day in front of a computer.

4. Increases energy levels

At an internal level, it has been proven that yoga exertion activates the mechanisms that release dopamine, a substance better known as "the hormone of happiness." Dopamine is closely related to pleasant sensations, which is why yoga ends up "hooking" most of the people who try it and have enough patience to learn to enjoy the practice.

5. Reduces the risk of illness

The immune system is another great beneficiary when practicing any type of yoga. The different poses or asanas that are a part of the practice, along with to the breathing exercises that accompany them, put the immune system to work. This contributes to its strengthening, and as a result, one’s chances of getting sick are minimized.

6. Raises self-esteem

A feeling of positivity and well-being within oneself is something that everyone who practices yoga knows well. As a result, another of the most important benefits derived from yoga is that it encourages self-confidence, raising one’s levels of self-esteem. The bridge pose, which consists of raising yourself on the tips of your feet, your back facing down with the palms of your hands resting on the floor, is one of the most recommended for achieving this goal.

7. Releases tensions

Yoga enables you to put the focus on your own body with all that this implies. As you practice, you pay attention to each part of your body and the different sensations we are often not aware of. That is why it allows for us to notice physical tensions, which are often connected with emotional tensions. It is the first step toward reducing and minimizing them.

8. Facilitates deep sleep

If you have problems with insomnia, this is another of the most important reasons as to why yoga will be good for you. Similarly, if you already sleep well, you will notice that by practicing yoga you will fall into a deeper and more restful sleep, one that will result in a greater feeling of restfulness and well-being.