Almería spa: relax next to Cabo de Gata

Looking for your next vacation destination? Craving a relaxing spa experience? Consider visiting Almería AIRE Ancient Baths. Not only will you be able to enjoy a rejuvenating and historically infused experience, but you will also be located just a few steps away from many of Almería’s exciting tourist destinations.

Almería AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths

Almería’s AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths is a unique thermal bath hotel located in the historical heart of the city, in the Constitution Square, which is just a few minutes away from legendary monuments such as the Cathedral, the Alcazaba Fortress and the Civil War Bomb Shelters. Because it is so strategically located, you can easily go for a walk down Almería’s historical but timeless streets and perhaps eat at one of the traditional tapas bars to fully absorb the Spanish experience. You can even visit Cabo de Gata, Andalusia’s largest coastal nature reserve, and enjoy the amazing landscapes.

The AIRE Hotel building is a restored 19th century construction that fuses the old with the new, combining the quaint flair of history with the elegance of modernity. You can dine at its Añorga Restaurant and relax by its rooftop pool with awe-inspiring views. The hotel also has a library and lounge in case you’re craving some quiet time indoors.

AIRE Experience

Most notably, a stay at the AIRE hotel gives you access to some of the most unique spa experiences in the world. AIRE has presence throughout the world, not only in Almería, that models its spas around the Greco-Roman tradition of thermal baths. The hotel offers all-inclusive packages that include massages by candlelight and tours of the Calderium (a hot bath at 40ºC), the Tepidarium (a warm bath at 36ºC), the Frigidarium (a cold bath at 16ºC), the Flotarium (a salt-water bath, as you might be able to guess from its name), the Balneum (the “Bath of a Thousand Jets”) and the Laconium (an aromatherapy steam bath). All this in a beautifully restored historical building that transports you back to Greco-Roman times. If you can’t visit AIRE’s Almería location, consider planning a getaway at one of their hotels in New York, Chicago, Barcelona, Sevilla or Vallromanes. Surely, you can find a location that is accessible to you.

The Wine Bath Experience

The Wine Bath Experience at AIRE Ancient Baths is just one example of the many spa packages available to you at Almería’s AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths. This experience includes a thermal tour of all the baths described above. At any time, you can access the relaxation room, where you can take a break, relax on their warm marble seats and sip on their luxurious selection of teas.

This package also gives you special access to the Wine Bath for 30 minutes. Here, you will receive a 15-minute cranio-facial massage with a naturally nourishing facial mask made of honey and propolis. During this time, you can also sip on Matarromera crianza red wine, made from the most high-quality grapes from Ribera del Duero and snack on hard cheese and nuts, fully embracing the sophisticated European experience. You will also receive a 45-minute full-body massage with grapeseed oil manufactured by Esdor, an exclusive cosmetic line created by Grupo Matarromera that uses the best grapes from Ribera del Duero.

So many uses for these grapes! Not only do they produce the most delicious wine, but they are good for your skin, too. A number of studies prove that red grapes are a potent source of polyphenols, which act as natural antioxidants that are even more powerful that Vitamins C and E. This makes them ideal for skincare, as the antioxidants help combat free radicals, which are primarily responsible for causing skin ageing. They also protect the skin by preventing the breakdown of substances such as elastin fibers and collagen. It sounds like they’ve found the fountain of youth! After this massage, your skin will feel smooth and refreshed.

Wine baths, thermal tours, access to the historical city center - Almería’s AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths has got it all! Put it on your list of places to visit when you need to get away from the fast-paced marathon of life and retreat into a deep relaxation experience.

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