Valentines Day

This Valentine's Day find your balance

Celebrate Valentine's Day at AIRE, book a wonderful massage and our iconic thermal baths during a romantic limited edition event

From February 10th-15th
New romantic
Exclusive Event


The sky is a mysterious and magical space full of stars, planets and constellations. This Valentine's Day enjoy our AIRE Exclusive Event inspired by the sky. Find the balance for you and your partner with our new romantic experience Love Constellations. Discover how love and the sky are in sync from February 10th-15th and let yourself be surprised by the magic of this unique event. Book a romantic moment of relaxation full of special Valentine's Day surprises.


Love Constellations

Relaxing massage for two with basalt stones, a choice of soothing or energizing oil and our thermal tour.

Enjoy our iconic thermal tour followed by a wonderful massage with a soothing or energizing oil of your choice and let the basalt stones give your body the relaxation it needs. Finish your romantic date with a refreshing drink and a sweet treat.

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Relaxing massage with oil and basalt stones for two
Refreshing drink and sweet treat
AIRE Exclusive Event


Venus, the symbol of love, and Mars, the manifestation of desire, will be located during these days in the constellations of Pisces and Gemini. This combination is believed to represent the balance of a couple.

The essential oils used in this experience will help to balance these two energies through their properties.

The Venus oil contains rosehip and essential oils of cypress, sage and clove, ideal for a feeling of well-being and serenity.

The Mars oil with rosemary, sesame, cinnamon and cypress tones and stimulates the muscles, providing an energizing sensation.

Hot basalt stones enhance the properties of the oils as well as reducing muscle tension and fatigue for a greater feeling of tranquility and balance.

AIRE Ancient Baths

AIRE, a place where time does not exist. Where the faint light of candles guides your steps and you feel a soft scent of orange blossom. Where silence blends with the murmur of water at different temperatures while you listen to a relaxing melody that accompanies you even underwater. Where you can surrender to the sensation of floating, concentrate on your breathing and the feel of the oils falling on your skin. Breathe deeply. Feel the total and absolute relaxation of body and mind.

This is AIRE, a special moment to remember.

"This has been my birthday gift for the past 4 years. My husband gets to enjoy the day here with me too. Always a perfect experience, always on mark. Definitely a must."

"I came here with my wife for a couples massage and some time in the baths. Everything was so relaxing I could have stayed there for hours. Even with the covid protocols, everything was still worth it."