The Best spa in Barcelona: AIRE Ancient Baths

We’ve heard your questions: Is AIRE a spa? What should I know before going to AIRE Ancient Baths Barcelona? Are there any other considerations I should take into account?

First, congratulations: you have come to the right place, both for answers and for a truly unique experience.

Let’s get to those answers so you can enjoy it without further ado.

Is AIRE a spa?

Their customers would say that AIRE is SO MUCH MORE than a spa. It is an experience of harmony between body and mind. It is a feast for the senses where contrasts in temperature, light and shadow intermingle with texture, aromas and the sounds of water. It is the flow of air, smooth and free, strong and secure, gentle and soothing. It is a journey back into time. It is a place apart where time stops altogether. It is so much more than a spa.

What should I know before going to AIRE Ancient Baths Barcelona?

Don’t worry, no warnings necessary, no caveats or quid pro quos. These are just a few tips to help you get even more out of the experience.

First off, take advantage of the free services like slippers, lockers, toiletries and hair dryers. While it is recommended that you bring your own swimsuit, don't skip out if you happen to forget it! If you need, you can borrow one…for free. That’s the generous spirit of AIRE. You will want to wear something, though, because the spa is open—naturally—to everyone in a shared space.

On that note, remember that you can even make group reservations at AIRE for special events. There also are massages, packages for couples, aromatherapy… are you starting to see why they say that AIRE is so much more than a spa?

So back to those pro tips.

Since, like our precious planet Earth, AIRE is something we all share in together, here are some guidelines to help every body get the most out of the visit. Just like you wouldn’t put your feet on the bus seat in front of you because you wouldn’t want to sit where someone’s shoes have been… same idea.

First off: bask in the silence. Listen to the water. Let your mind drift away from the hustle and bustle of life and immerse yourself in ancient wellness wisdom and peace. And let the others do the same.



Enjoy all of the services and items offered to you as a courtesy, but do bring what you need to show off that timeless glow once you decide that you are ready to re-enter the modern world. As the wise old saying goes: waste not, want not.

Rock those free slippers. They’re also for your safety.

Remember, you can store all your things comfortably and conveniently in those free lockers. This service is complementary and helps promote that care-free state of mind. Go back into history and leave your phone in the future. Turn if off if you like, to let that battery in on the sublime zen of taking a well-deserved rest too. Take advantage of the chance to truly let go of all of your worries.

One more thing: get to your appointment early. Why wouldn't you want to get a head start on this experience? When you reserve, pay attention to the hours, appointment times and prices to minimize ‘oops’ situations, especially around holidays. If something comes up, you can avoid fees by rescheduling more than 48 hours ahead of your booking. That’s AIRE´s way of saying ‘thank you’ for being respectful to other people who’d like the chance to experience this, as well as to AIRE’s staff, who work hard for everything to be at their best.

Are there any other considerations I should think about beforehand?

AIRE is about health and well-being across the ages through international traditions shared and handed down from generation to generation.

Then, as now, pregnant women are in the midst of their own particularly unique experience of life itself. This is a special time for you, so the experience at AIRE is not suggested for your own health and safety. Fully feel your moment now, then please come back to visit and tell us all about it when you are ready.

Likewise, people with cardiovascular concerns are advised that an experience at AIRE may not be recommended and should check with their doctor first. Please do inform the desk about health concerns when you arrive so we can make sure we are able to offer the very best care.

Clearly, AIRE is a lot more than a spa. It is full immersion in the wisdom of the past, the peace of the present and the future you.