Restaurants in Vallromanes where you can eat healthy

You’re looking for restaurants in Vallromanes where you can eat healthy. Your vacation is a chance to keep you at your best, isn´t it? You get to relax and reboot your batteries so you can return fully energized. You’ve already chosen the perfect spot to get touch in with historic roots, get some needed R&R and feed your adventurous spirit. However, we know that to nourish your soul, you’ve got to nourish your body too. Let these guidelines address those comprehensive nutrition needs.

Healthy eating rule one: Go slow and stay present. If you let your mind wander to that hankering for Indian, you’ll have to search pretty hard in Vallromanes for truly fresh spices and the special ingredients that make the Indian continent’s cuisine so great. That means what you do find is likely to have been preserved somehow to last the journey while it’s shipped to you. When there are wonderful flavors growing all around you, it just makes sense to take the yogi’s advice and be where you are.

Sant Miquel Restaurant

Vallromanes is bursting with ingredients and cooks who know how to use them to dazzle and nourish you. Take the Sant Miquel Restaurant, for example. There’s nothing on the menu that was not lovingly raised right on the Mediterranean coast, the vast majority of the ingredients being distinctive Catalan flavors, right down into the dessert menu. Our chef knows exactly how these tastes and textures play out best on your palate because we’ve been savoring them all year round, each one in their prime season. The taste of Mediterranean terroir (and waters!) is unmistakable from the seafood dishes to the dessert menu, where the kitchen’s own flair for sweet treats that you savor with a spoon will leave your taste buds fully satisfied.

Restaurant 1497

Want to get even closer to the purest way to nourish your inner and outer nature? Restaurant 1497 is located in the middle of a natural reserve. Naturally (every pun intended), the meals are completely organic using local produce to reproduce recipes steeped in age-old Mediterranean tradition. And don’t even get us started on the organic wine list. You know that the food you are served is healthy and that it’s been lovingly cared for because the ingredients gradually shift with the seasons according to which products are coming into season. All of them are sustainably grown and good number of the produce come from the restaurant’s own gardens! Being a good steward of the earth makes it that much easier to know that what you put into your body is absolutely good for you, no question about it.

AIRE Gastro & Relax Premium Experience & Cibus restaurant

Another good way to feed body and soul is at the AIRE Gastro & Relax Premium Experience & Cibus restaurant. With the Gastro and Relax 30-minute Premium massage, you get to try a 100% organic tasting menu at the Cibus restaurant along with your spa experience, which includes both a visit to the baths plus a massage lasting one glorious half hour. Yup, that’s right, food that fulfills your need for the healthiest sources of energy to keep you going clean and strong, plus some TLC for the body that makes it possible all day. Let the stress melt away from those muscles and come back to daily living completely refreshed. It doesn’t get much better than that: healthy on the inside and on the outside.

There are so many places to eat healthy, but they all come back to these simple rules: be here, now. Love the earth. Keep it balanced. You can lavish yourself and respect your surroundings with these healthy restaurant choices in Vallromanes. The highest quality of health-positive experiences is available to you by following those same guidelines through seasonal, local food; organic, sustainable harvesting; and taking the time to nourish you both inside and out.

Vallromanes, as the name implies, has been inhabited for thousands of years and has been able to hold onto its ways because local institutions like these maintain the traditions that keep both land and its people healthy. So, come eat healthy in Vallromanes. Nourish your body and nourish your soul.

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