The Orange Blossom Essential Oil: Uses

Orange blossom oil is an essential oil popular in aromatherapy and in perfume, like Chanel No. 5, as it can be easily combined with other scents or oils. Orange blossom oil is also known as Neroli, derived from the name of an Italian princess who would use the oil in her bath water or to scent her gloves. As an essential oil, orange blossom oil has a variety of benefits for both the mind and the body. Orange blossom essential oil can be used on your hair and skin or inhaled via scent.

What is Orange Blossom Essential Oil?

Orange blossom essential oil comes from the orange fruit; more specifically, from the flower blossoms of the orange tree. Similar to a rose, different parts of the orange tree can be distilled to create different types of essential orange oil.

Orange blossom essential oil, or neroli, is the more expensive essential oil out of the three oils that can be made from components of an orange tree. This is because the orange blossoms are delicate, and the scent fades fast. Flowers must be picked early in the morning and distilled soon after to capture the scent.

As a citrus-derived product, orange blossom essential oil has a floral and sweet scent, that is instantly relaxing and refreshing, and is pale yellow in color.

Properties and Uses of Orange Blossom Oil

How does orange blossom essential oil benefit one’s health? Orange blossom oil has a variety of properties that help the skin:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Rejuvenation of skin
  • Stimulation of cell growth
  • Antiseptic

Orange blossom essential oil can be used directly on the skin to help improve the texture and stimulate growth. Orange blossom essential oil can be found in creams aimed towards reducing stretch mark visibility. Because of its properties, orange blossom essential oil can be used as a facial toner and cleanser, since it can reduce excess sebum in pores, as well as a hair conditioner to help balance oily hair.

Orange blossom essential oil is also good for your mental relaxation! In addition to smelling sweet, neroli is also used to help with anxiety, nervousness and stress. The relaxing effect it has on the mind also helps slow down heart palpitations and can even help with insomnia. Adding a few drops of orange blossom essential oil to a nighttime bath, for example, is a great way to pamper oneself and help prepare for sleep.

Orange blossom and their essential oil have also been considered an aphrodisiac because of the calming properties, and have been used to calm nerves. In traditional marriage ceremonies in Southern Europe, orange blossoms are often placed in wedding bouquets or bridal headbands.

Lastly, orange blossom oil is a common digestive and food ingredient in the Middle East.

AIRE and Orange Blossom Oil

AIRE Ancient Baths in Barcelona, Sevilla, Almería, Vallromanes, Chicago and New York offers two distinct ways to enjoy the benefits of orange blossom essential oil, through our Home Collection goods and on-site spa services.

As part of AIRE’s Home Collection products, we offer a candle that is made of 100% natural wax, and scented with orange blossom oil. Upon lighting the candle, the aroma of orange blossoms will permeate the air. Our candles last for 60 hours of light, and this orange blossom candle is perfect to aid in meditation or set the mood for intimate moments.

On-site at AIRE Ancient Baths, we offer the Escape Together Experience, a couple’s package that incorporates massage treatments and orange blossom scented hot compresses for ultimate relaxation. The Escape Together experience includes two 45-minute massages while the scent of the orange blossom compresses aide in releasing muscle tension and relaxing the body. The scent of orange blossom together with a massage treatment is a luxurious treatment that when enjoyed with a loved one can create a special experience. Couples are given fresh juice to replenish and hydrate after their experience and, as always, are allowed full access to all of AIRE’s thermal baths to soak in and unwind.