New York City Film Locations and AIRE

AIRE Ancient Baths is known for its luxurious spa treatments, five thermal baths, and relaxing atmosphere. But did you know that it’s also been featured in various films and television shows?

New York City is a popular setting in many films and tv shows because of its scenery, landscapes, and character. Between all its five boroughs, there’s no lack of location for any kind of scene whether it be a comedy, drama, or action-thriller. And with so many recognizable businesses, restaurants, clubs, offices, and landmarks, many interiors make repeated appearances in films and tv shows.

As a New York film location, AIRE Ancient Baths is unique. It’s low lighting and intimate settings are perfect to convey a variety of moods, while the Roman and Turkish architecture can be used for more historical settings. In addition, the separate spa rooms make it a perfect place to film smaller one-on-one scenes.

Below is a list of some of the movies and television series that have used AIRE as a New York film location:

John Wick

Probably one of the more well-known and most recent films to choose AIRE as a New York film location, John Wick turns the baths into a multi-level club, with the spa section being a more intimate, VIP area. There’s LED lighting, bottle service, and even some calming world music playing in the background. The full scene cuts between AIRE’s thermal baths, one of its locker rooms, and the lounge as it shows John Wick and some bodyguards engaged in a shoot-out throughout the spa turned club. We can promise that our New York location is much more relaxing.


Another television show that filmed at AIRE Ancient Baths was Homeland. Although the show normally films in North Carolina, season 6 of Homeland was shot on location in New York. AIRE appears on screen in episode 7, with one of the characters soaking in one of AIRE’s signature thermal baths before he is taken away. The blue waters of the bath, plus the columns and the floor lamps in the background make AIRE instantly recognizable.


Gotham, which reimages Batman’s story from his childhood shoots on location all over New York City. Notable locations include Alder Manor, the Bronx County Courthouse, and of course, AIRE Ancient Baths. The show is notable for making its scenes dark with low-lighting and gritty, with only certain parts of New York being recognizable. You wouldn’t recognize AIRE in the show except for its distinct architecture and glowing pools.


Set against the intense and high-powered world of NYC finance, Billions is shot all over New York, from high-rise offices to inside some of the city’s favored restaurants and bars. Since the characters on Billions have such high-stress jobs, it makes sense for them to unwind at AIRE Ancient Baths. However, AIRE is used as a meeting place, specifically the Caldarium, between the two parties in the show to try and strike a deal, and the scene is rife with tension.

Mysteries of Laura

Like many police procedural dramas, New York City makes for a great backdrop for scenery and settings for stories. In the pilot episode for The Mysteries of Laura, Detective Laura Diamond and her partner are trailing a suspect which leads them to AIRE Ancient Baths. The majority of the scene takes place in the public baths area, which is portrayed to be more of a party lounge than a relaxing spa. In one scene the Detective dips into the pool and marvels at how comforting the heated bath is.

Have you spotted AIRE Ancient Baths is any of these shows or films? These are just a handful of films and television shows that have used New York City for their sets and have chosen AIRE Ancient Baths for location on sets. There are a few more, like Apple Ads, and other NYC-based shows. Because of its unique architecture, structure and famous thermal baths, AIRE makes a great NYC location for many films, which have interpreted the scenery in different ways and uses.

So whether you are visiting to relax or getting inspiration for your own film or series, keep AIRE Ancient Baths in mind. If you like this post do not hesitate to read our article about what to do in New York.