The most beautiful flowers to inspire

What’s the most beautiful flower in the world? For some people, it’s bright red scented roses, for others it’s creamy white blooms of Magnolia.It may in fact surprise you to learn that the earliest mention of flower arranging dates way back to Egyptian times. Back then, they were used during processions and burial ceremonies, and as table decorations.

However, it wasn’t until the Victorian era that flowers first gained special meaning. In those days, a bouquet was able to express feelings that simply couldn’t be spoken about in public.Much like pieces of art, many people now choose flowers based on their secondary benefits, rather than their appearance alone. Read on to discover our selection of the most beautiful, inspirational, and beneficial flowers around.


These exotic blooms are without doubt one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth. Their geometric shaped petals and graceful long stems exude a unique air of elegance and refinement.Have you ever wondered why they’re often found in bedrooms? They release oxygen at night, which the experts say helps you to get a better night’s sleep. If you add to that the fact that they also take in carbon dioxide, they’re essentially eco-friendly air purifiers.

And if that wasn’t enough, according to the rules of Feng Shui, a strategically placed orchid can help you find a new partner? What are you waiting for? Ditch that dating app and get yourself down to the plant store.


For Westerners, this flower is all about Christmas. But did you know it’s famous in Turkey for being Ataturk’s favorite flower? That’s right, the founder of the modern Turkish nation thought the humble Poinsettia was the most beautiful flower on the planet.As we mentioned in our previous article on Zen décor, these flowers also offer an easy way to add a hint of naturalness to the home during the festive season, and they make a great gifts for friends and family.

So why the association with Christmas? Well, it all goes back to a Mexican legend about a poor little boy who gathered together some flowers from the side of the road as a gift to the village church for Christmas. Maybe next Christmas your Poinsettia will take on a whole new meaning.


These days, peonies are very much in vogue. There are entire Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards dedicated to them. They’ve even been voted the most beautiful flowers in the world by millennials.The bad news? Their popularity and limited seasons means they’re pretty hard to get your hands on.

Did you know peony flowers, often described as overblown roses, also boast multiple health benefits? That’s right, not only are they rich in anti-inflammatories, they also soothe irritation and help to reduce skin pigmentation. It’s easy to see why these ruffled blooms are now included as an active ingredient in heaps of high-end cosmetics. Did we mention they also smell out-of-this-world incredible?


For some, this fragrant climber might not seem like one of the most beautiful flowers out there. But trust us, there’s far more to these crisp white blossoms than meets the eye. It’s name, which means “Gift of God” in ancient Persian, gives you some idea of what these star-like petals have to offer.

Jasmine has attracted a lot of attention over the last few years in the alternative medicine community for its stress and anxiety-reducing abilities. It’s said that inhaling it’s sweet, rich scent sends signals to the part of the brain that regulates emotions.In other words, adding one of these fragrant beauties to your home could help you to wind down after a stressful day at the office, or even drift off to sleep worry free. The best bit? They’re fairly cheap and easy to care for - just make sure you keep them near a sunny window.

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