Gifts for couples

Can’t think of any gifts for couples? Nothing that would surprise the happy couple at their upcoming wedding? No problem: we have compiled seven suggestions for you that will help them fondly remember their special day.

It’s not easy to find the right gift for an event as important as a wedding, mainly because we all want our gifts to be personal. If you think that giving cash or making a bank transfer is a little cold, or you want to make an extra thoughtful gesture for the newly-weds, here are some original gift ideas for couples.

1. Something to wear during the wedding

Of course, this option only applies if you are someone who is close to the couple. Giving wedding rings, shoes, or a bouquet to the bride, and a tie or cuff link to the groom guarantees that your gift (and you by extension) will be very close to them at such an important time. The only thing is that you’ll have to know their taste well so that you don’t make a mistake with something so significant.

2. A work of art

A piece of art is something for life. A painting, lithograph or sculpture that is part of their home is an excellent way to show your appreciation for the couple. The risk is that their taste may not match yours, so you should do some discreet research beforehand. Giving art also has the advantage of offering something exclusive and unique that, if well chosen, will increase in value over time and will have a great sentimental impact as well. If you are going to choose this type of gift, consult with a gallery owner or art advisor so that you find an interesting work of art that fits your budget.

3. An AIRE Experience

Even if weddings are beautiful, organizing one is a stressful task for a couple. To get rid of all the tension and look radiant on your big day, or to completely relax after the wedding, there’s nothing like an AIRE Experience. They’ll be able to enjoy time alone in a thermal bath experience and a relaxing massage, or an exclusive ritual that you can add a romantic touch to by having cava and chocolates served during their experience.

The Escape Together Experience for Two, for example, is an excellent gift for newlyweds. This package features a 120-minute session of pure bliss, complete with a 45-minute aromatherapeutic couples’ massage that targets the upper body (head, neck, shoulders and back), making it an ideal post-wedding stress-buster. This massage incorporates the use of hot compresses infused with AIRE’s distinctive Orange Blossom scent, which will relax both the body and the mind. As if that weren’t enough, this package also includes two fresh juices from The Butcher’s Daughter, a plant-based restaurant that specializes in delicious vegetarian dishes. During the rest of the session, the couple will be able to tour AIRE’s thermal baths at their leisure, including the hot, cold and warm baths (the Caldarium, Frigidarium and Tepidarium, respectively), a salt-water bath (the Flotarium), an aromatherapy steam room (the Laconicum) and the Bath of a Thousand Jets (the Balneum).  This experience can be enjoyed only in Chicago & NYC.

If you really want to go all out, book The Grand Indulgence Experience for Two, AIRE’s longest body treatment, for the beloved newlyweds. Lavender is the star scent of this unique 180-minute package, consisting of a 70-minute full-body couples’ massage with lavender oil, a 15-minute foot massage and a 20-minute aromatherapeutic lavender body scrub. As with the package described above, this experience gives the couple exclusive access to AIRE’s thermal baths. It doesn’t get any better than this. This treatment is exclusive for Chicago & NYC

4. A trip

This is a classic option that everyone likes. Who doesn’t like to travel? A romantic getaway to one of their favorite cities or to a particular hotel where you know they’d like to stay will be a gift that they’ll enjoy and will result in very good memories. When the budget is limited, a good idea is a gift from a group of relatives or friends (who are also invited) each contributing to the total amount. Nowadays almost all airlines have gift cards as well so that the couple can decide themselves where to travel.

5. A photo session

Photos are an important part of a wedding budget. If you offer to take care of this expense, the couple will certainly be very grateful. Another possibility is to pay for the services of a studio or professional photographer that will do the photo session later on. This idea also extends to hiring an artist to paint a portrait that can later take pride of place on a wall in their home.

6. A time capsule

Imagine when in a few years they open it and find everything they put in their time-proof box. With this gift you have the advantage of contributing to a moment of high complicity between them when they decide what they are going to keep. It will contribute to future moments like this as well with the memory of each of the objects once they open their time capsule. Look for a special wooden box or some other material that allows them to personalize it with their names, initials, the date or even the coordinates of the place where they are going to get married. Ideally, you can add a handwritten letter explaining why you gave them this gift and how they should enjoy it.

7. A personalized book

The most valuable thing of a gift is the message that comes with it and the care of the person who chooses or creates it. If you have some literary talent, take the time to write the couple’s story. How they met, what were they like before, and include details about how their relationship progressed to the point of saying “yes, I do.” You will earn extra points in their memory if you also add photos that tell their story. If you do not see yourself capable of carrying out this project, you can always seek out a specialist company, freelance journalist or writer who will compose it based on the information you provide.