Me-time. Looking for your inner balance and peace of mind

September is synonymous withnew beginnings. It’s a moment to reflect on all the New Year’s resolutions we promised to stick to yet haven’t been able to due to the stress of daily life. However, if you really want to take advantage of the remaining four months we’ve got until 2020 and reach all your goals, the best way to do it is to start by implementing healthy habits that will give you the strength and energy to do so. Maybe the post-summer vacation blues have already started to kick in, but you can still invest in some me-time and go on a mini-vacation away from your daily tasks.

Immerse yourself into another universe

At times, we all feel like we need to escape from our lives, get out of our heads and enjoy some relaxation. This might seem like an impossible feat, but we can actually do it from the comfort of our own sofa. All you have to do is grab a book from your dusty bookcase full of novels you bought, determined to read them while sunbathing. Put yourself in the shoes of a delirious knight-errant, brush up on your Spanish, or learn about the history of the Roman Empire. Although, if you’re more into investing your reading time on bettering yourself, here are some of 2019’s best self-help books out on the market.


Wine down

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as hearing a cork popping and filling a wine glass. The rich color, texture, flavor and aroma of a Ribera de Duero wine is the perfect antidote to calm your senses after a long day of hustling. Several studies have showed that a glass of wine at the end of your day provides not only physical health benefits, but also mental advantages in helping you stay at ease and release tension. However, if you can’t consume alcohol, don’t worry. Another study published in the 2012 edition of Current Directions In Developmental Psychology has also shown that just thinking about wine can help you relax.


Wash the stress away

It’s curious how, as we get older, what we dreaded as children starts to turn into our favorite things to do: going to bed early, taking naps and bath time. Make up for all those years kicking and screaming ‘no’, and start to embrace these precious times to relax. If you want to spice things up, go to your local candle shop and get some cinnamon candles or a lavender bath bomb to truly renew your body and spirit. And if you can’t soak in a bath tub –either because you don’t have one or because you don’t want to stress about the water bill– you can also get a shower bomb that releases essential oils and herbs to help you reach your zen moment.

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Get your beauty sleep

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be costly. There are simple things we can do to take care of our mind and body without having to even move. One of those things is sleeping. When we sleep, our body regenerates; our skin starts to flush out toxins and our mind is renewed for the next day. Inspiration might even creep up on us while we’re dreaming, making us capable of tackling everyday problems with a new mindset. The more we sleep, the less likely we’ll have to depend on caffeine or other substances that can negatively affect our sleeping cycles and body as a whole. Although, if you can’t seem to break the cycle and go to sleep early, you can also try by taking a 20-minute power nap in the afternoon. Not only will you feel renewed but you’ll also enhance your memory and motor skills.

Get moving

When we get home from work, the last thing we want to do is to exercise. However, it’s actually another way we can regenerate our body and soul. Aerobic exercise helps reduce the amount of stress hormones and stimulates the production of endorphins, which ultimately leads to a happier and healthier heart, literally and figuratively. At first, it might seem like a hassle, but once we get the gist of regularly exercising, it can become an essential part of our day-to-day. Exerting our body and pushing ourselves to extremes is a great way to relieve mental stress and it can also help us sleep better.