How to Feng Shui your bedroom: Tips

Feng (water) Shui (wind) is an ancient Chinese system that teaches us to find balance and harmony in our lives by redirecting the flow of energy (chi) in our homes through the positioning of objects and furniture in our rooms. The best area to start with is our bedroom, our sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

No TV, computer or exercise equipment

Televisions and computers emanate electromagnetic signals that disrupt our sleep, while exercise equipment takes up space and obstructs the flow of energy. If we don’t have anywhere else to put these, we should place them as far away from the bed as possible.

The less, the better

Keeping the amount of items to an essential minimum is the key to creating and maintaining balance in our bedroom. We should avoid clutter in our bed and on the floor, and make sure that all items go back to where they belong. More free space allows energy to flow freely.


In Feng Shui, mirrors are considered to be powerful elements because they reflect energy, but the one place they don’t belong in is the bedroom. Mirrors magnify the light and sound that enter our room, making it harder for us to get a good rest.


Our bed is a source of positive energy because it is the only place in our home where we can recharge after a long day of work. Our headboard should be strong, preferably made out of wood, and higher than our mattress to provide greater backing and support.

Windows and doors location

Beds should be placed against a solid wall and as far away as possible from windows and doors. Sleeping recharges our chi, and windows allow it to gradually weaken and escape the room while we sleep. The bed should be positioned away diagonally from the door but still around our line of vision, so that we can be more in control and better prepared for anything that may come through it.

Two bedside tables and two lamps

Placing round bedside tables and matching lamps on each side balances the energy surrounding our bed while you sleep and helps us keep centered. Having equal lighting on both sides enhances the ambiance of the bedroom, making it more cozy and relaxing.

A place for everything and everything in its place

The objects we have and the way we position and store them have a great impact in our mental peace and wellbeing. Putting things back into their respective places can be a daunting task, but once we get in the habit of sorting things where they belong, the clutter will diminish significantly, along with the stress and anxiety attached to it.

Happy memories

We should surround ourselves with objects and keepsakes that bring us memories of joy and contentment. Needless to say, having these memories constantly available to our line of vision will increase our sense of happiness and wellbeing and will help us keep an optimistic attitude towards life.

Let the energy flow

Obstructions come in the form of misplaced furniture, unflattering shapes, incompatible materials and unnecessary objects in our vicinity, and are absolute energy killers. These tend to be reflections of problems and obstacles in our personal life. The more we work on removing these obstacles from our area of rest and relaxation, the more improvement we’ll enjoy in our personal life.

100% natural materials

The materials we choose for our furniture and floors are charged with energy and also attract a specific type of energy. Materials that are bio-compatible will usually be preferable because of their impact on our health and interaction with other surrounding materials.

Feng Shui keys


Simplicity does not have to be boring. When choosing what to add, keep or remove in our bedroom, remember that less is better. Nightstands and bedside lamps should be functional above anything else, and having the minimum amount of objects will always make the space feel much cleaner and peaceful.

Avoid electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation usually comes from our phones, computers and TV sets, which should not have a place in our bedrooms. If we can’t remove these from our space, we should keep our phone facing downwards, and hide or cover our TV and computer when we are not using them.


Neutral means having a healthy balance. Too much of a good thing can be bad, which is why mirrors should be used with caution, as they tend to reflect the energy and increase it. Having balance in our bedroom leads to having balance in your relationships and life.

Positive energy

Keeping in mind that less is more, we should strive to surround ourselves with images, smells and objects that bring good vibes and positive energy. This is different for everybody, so take the time to find the things that bring you the most joy.

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