Digital Detox: A Need for Health and Soul

Most people head to bathhouses for a detox, but what about for a digital detox? In today’s day and age where smartphones are ubiquitous, sometimes we need to be reminded to unplug from all things digital.

A digital detox is a voluntary break from using any sort of tech for a period of time. It can range from 15 minutes to a couple of hours, or even a full week. A digital detox allows you to hit the reset button, taking time for yourself and disconnecting from the fast-paced rhythm of life and the need to always be connected.

Want to try a digital detox for a few hours? AIRE, with its no-phone policy, is the ideal place for a digital detox. With a variety of unique experiences to choose from, each one will have you fully immersed in the moment from beginning to end, and will provide a relaxing break from your phone, computers and tablets.

Put The Phone Away

The first step of a digital detox is putting your phone away. When you book an AIRE experience, you are given a locker with which to store your phone and personal property. AIRE Ancient Bath’s many locations feature beautiful architecture and atmosphere, and it’s tempting to snap a selfie or take a photo for social media. But the point of a digital detox is learning to appreciate your surroundings in real-time, not through a lens. Doing so will allow you to focus on and enjoy your day of relaxation, whether that’s soaking in one of AIRE’s thermal baths or receiving a deluxe massage.  

A no-phone policy teaches mindfulness, and allows visitors to be in the moment. Your attention span will be centered on one thing, your experience at AIRE, as opposed to the many tasks at hand when you have a smartphone. By locking your phone away for a few hours, you can disconnect and relax, as well as take notice of the small things. The focus is on you and your wellbeing, your e-mails and notifications can wait. 

There are many benefits of a digital detox, one of which is reducing stress. Roughly 20% of Americans identify technology as a source of stress and studies show that stress can have negative impacts on the body. Many people go to the bathhouse to combat stress as is, and AIRE’s no-phone policy allows visitors to get away from the source of their stress, while treating any symptoms of stress. Our Grand Indulgence Experience, for example, is designed to calm the mind and reduce restlessness, by using lavender ingredients in our treatment products. Lavender is known to help reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia all of which can be developed in tangent with heavy smartphone use.

Health Benefits of a Digital Detox

Smartphones and smart gadgets have made our lives easier, but they’ve also made life more complicated. Many people nowadays feel completely dependent on their smartphones, and studies have shown links between excessive digital tech use and health issues, both mental and physical.

A digital detox, then, can help to alleviate some of those health issues. No phones at AIRE means you won’t be bent out of shape, literally. Being hunched over your phone or your computer can affect your posture, and has even created a phenomenon called “text neck.” Disengaging with your devices at AIRE can lessen the severity and pain of this syndrome; opting for a massage treatment can help to relieve it as well.

In addition, a digital detox can help you sleep better at night! The constant “blue light” given off from the screens of mobile devices can suppress the production of melatonin, which helps you sleep. Putting the phone away for a short period of time will give your eyes a break. It’s another reason why AIRE has a no-phone policy – we want you to feel well-rested.

Give Yourself a Break

The most important part of a digital detox is spending time away from your phone. It is believed that the average American adult will spend about 3.5 hours per day on a mobile device. Imagine what you could do in that time for yourself! A digital detox literally frees up your time, allowing you to engage in other activities – whether that be a creative activity or a relaxing activity, like a spa day. By taking time for yourself you can clear your mind, relax, and re-prioritize what’s important. A digital detox at AIRE Ancient Baths will leave you refreshed and renewed, cleansed in mind, body and spirit.