Best Vegan restaurants in Sevilla

You’re hungry, you’re health-conscious and you´re looking for the best vegan restaurants in Sevilla. You have a lot more options to choose from than you might think and eating vegan doesn’t mean you have to dine alone. There are some spectacular options where vegan, vegetarian and meat-loving friends can comfortably share a table where everyone is served a dish worthy of this Andalusian jewel. What´s more, these five restaurants don’t just delight the palate. Each one of them blending art with your culinary experience for a meal you’ll never forget.


Nothing less than refreshment for the senses. Cocome balances every aspect of their food: the flavors, the presentation, the textures and even that satisfied sensation you’ll get – not too heavy, no too light. Offering vegan and vegetarian dishes that go far beyond salads and skip the unhealthy additives, their art can be seen in their plating and tasted in the combination of flavors you can savor. Select one of the dishes they’ve designed or choose your own ingredients– even for dips! Every diner gets some R-E-S-P-E-C-T and a nutritious fill here.


Yet another place where friends of varying diets can share a meal that dazzles the senses is Casaplata. Also located at the very center of it all in Sevilla, it serves up tasty vegan meals that won’t leave you guessing or disappointed.  And the art? This very modern restaurant stands out for its architecture and design with contrasts in color that emphasize the poetic side of quotidian objects. The style inherent to everyday living gives flare to the structure itself and its interior design, placing the focus right back on your plate, or should we say your palate? If you’re looking for modernity in your gastronomical experience, this is the place, day or night.


True to its name, Achiote focuses all of its attention on how just a hint of herbs and spice can enliven our palate and make us experience food we thought we knew in a new way. Taking the bases for their dishes from a variety of cuisines, the kitchen keeps the ingredients simple and gives them just the right touch. They turn recipes on their heads, all the while managing to hold onto the essence of its ingredients and their origins.  Vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike will find sumptuous and satisfying meals here. But don’t just satisfy your mouth’s curiosity. Achiote offers weekly art expositions to feast your eyes and ears on too, featuring both local and international artists! Can’t stick around? Take your meal to-go on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Vega 10

Found in Triana, Vega 10 has developed a reputation among locals for their vegan and vegetarian tapas. This establishment is easy to find (the name is the address: Rosario Vega 10) and offers the “something different” you’ve been looking for. With a Mediterranean-cum-European style that steps away from traditional Triana fare and whisks you into the world of culinary art, it keeps everyone coming back for more. If you don’t take my word for it, you have the seal of approval from foodies all over the net.


conTenedor is a restaurant that knows who it is and what it does. Its identity is its philosophy: local, slow food that is good for you, good for the environment and good for the local economy. All of the ingredients are fresh and a variety of them are organic, so you know you are getting real food served up with its own delicious flavors. For Spanish speakers, the pun (con tenedor = with a fork, contenedor = receptacle, in Spain, a bin for recycling or trash) gives you something to think about: where does what we eat go? And where do we get what we eat? Beyond the conscientious cooking, conTenedor serves up its artistic side with weekly music, visual arts and cultural events that fill up the calendar. A more than worthy spot for healthy vegan foods that fulfills a conscientious lifestyle.

Sevilla offers so much more to its vegan diners than first meets the eye, and that’s even paired with other arts to illuminate and feed all the senses. Whether you’re looking for art in the food at Cocome or Vega 10, or art with your food at Casaplata, Achiote or conTenedor, you’re sure to hit the spot.

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