Best Beaches in Cabo de Gata, Almería

If you’re planning a visit to AIRE Ancient Baths Almería, don’t miss out on Cabo de Gata. It’s right next door and it has the best beaches in the region. The peace and playfulness of the magical spot where land meets sea will complement your AIRE experience well, whether you’re seeking profound connection between the physical and spiritual or you just want chill out.

What are you waiting for? Let’s head to the beach!

A large swath of this region called Cabo de Gata-Nijar is officially protected as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Connecting with these crystalline ecosystems (we’re going to name lots of Blue Flag beaches!) also means being responsible. We all want this delicate treasure to remains intact for the next person and the next generation.

A little common sense will go a long way.

  • Remember to pick up all your things, trash or otherwise. As the Spanish environmental campaign says it: “You brought it, you take it away.”
  • Follow in your friends’ footsteps and avoid trampling more of those gorgeous plants you’re taking pictures of on your way to the shoreline.
  • Open up a new tab while you’re here and take a look at information on the tides, currents and undertow, as well as the services offered at the beaches you’re interested in.

The best part of Cabo de Gata is that there are beaches for sunbathers and surfers alike. Almería has spots for beach bums and culture buffs, not to mention that new bikini or being in the buff. There’s something for everyone.

For beaches with incredible sand

Playa Peñón Blanco, Playa Mónsul, El Playazo, Playa Los Genoveses or Playa Los Muertos.

Playa Mónsul stands out for the sand’s darker hues, while wide sandy swaths make for spacious sunbathing at El Playazo.

The fine grains on Playa Los Muertos will blow you away (NOT literally!).

Small beaches

Need some mental space or looking for a romantic spot? These are your beaches.

Playa Peñón Blanco, Play Fabriquilla, Agua Amarga, San Pedro, Playa los Muertos, Cala Plomo

Beaches you can roll out to

If you need wheels to get where you’re going, be it a wheelchair, baby carriage or because you’re hauling a cooler, here are some of the best options:

Playa Fabriquilla, El Playazo, Agua Amarga, Playa Peñón Blanco

Getting away from it all

Want as far from modern civilization as possible? Looking forward to a nature hike with a beach reward at the end? You need to head to Playa Los Muertos or Cala San Pedro.

A note: San Pedro has become infamous for its hippie population. That’s right, year-round occupation of abandoned houses unconnected to the mainstream grid.


Depending on your tastes and perspective, you have either just found true heaven on earth or feel uncomfortable about that vision of a day at the beach. Decide for yourself and pick your beach accordingly.

Beach activity hotspots

Playa Los Genoveses: the region’s most popular beach offers it all, including scuba diving.

Playa Mónsul: a snorkeling and rock-climbing hotspot.

Playa Los Muertos: great snorkeling, but CAUTION, no lifeguards. Make sure to use the buddy system.

Blend in with the locals

Playa Peñón Blanco and Agua Amarga tend to be popular among locals who come to camp and chill on the weekend. In general, it’s a good place for a beer and maybe new conversation. Beer, we said, not tourist sangria.                                  

Going au naturel

Some of us love getting back to our natural selves (and getting rid of those tan lines).

Others of us are more comfortable in a swimsuit or cover-ups. And come on, I paid for that outfit and it makes me look like a million bucks!

The beaches listed here are either:

  • naturist in general (meaning, expect everyone to be naked) or
  • accept clothed and clothing-free visitors alike in harmonious mixed company or
  • those who prefer to be nude enjoy a section separately from the textiles section.

If one American expression fits perfectly on a Spanish beach, it’s “live and let live”. Props for doing your research. Now go find your tribe!