5 Cool Stores in NYC: Check them out!

New York City is considered the world’s capital for many reasons: food, fashion, entertainment, and of course, the city’s cool kid vibe. With a plethora of neighborhoods that capture different vibes and cultures that can’t be mimicked elsewhere, the city is prime for finding awesome spots.

The historic Tribeca neighborhood is known for its high-end dining and old NYC-style architecture, but it’s also home to some really great shopping. Read below for some of our favorite cool NYC stores!

The Mysterious Bookshop

58 Warren Street

New York City is home to quite a few independent and/or used bookstores, making the city a perfect place for readers. But one of its cool stores is the Mysterious Bookshop, which specializes in mystery fiction and all its subgenres. Originally located in Midtown before moving to Warren Street, the Mysterious Bookshop is America’s oldest mystery-niche bookstore.

Lovers of crime, detective, or Sherlock novels will love the floor to ceiling bookshelves that grace its walls. The bookshop also hosts its own book club as well as book subscription club.


71 Murray Street

Another cool store in NYC is Goldish, a jewelry/spirituality store for the chic and expensive taste crowd. Goldish stocks mainly gold jewelry, ranging from dainty necklaces, rings, and earrings to beautiful body chains accented with moonstones or other gems. The store itself has a very zen vibe, with the décor featuring wooden tables, large accent mirrors, and other items like scarves, tarot cards and gems artfully displayed about.

The concept and design behind many of the offerings isn’t just for aesthetics though; one of the jewelry designers of Goldish is a classically trained violinist and has an understanding of sound waves and the harmony behind the mind-body connection, which she channels through her jewelry.

Philip Williams Posters

122 Chambers Street

Also known as the Poster Museum, this cool NYC store, is home to a huge collection of original vintage posters for buying, selling, or browsing. Established in 1973, the collector Philip Williams has over 100,000 unique posters on display at this New York store, many of which span from the 1870s to the present. Popular categories for the poster art displayed included Polish posters, travel, beverage, film, and transportation.

The collection is ever rotating, so there’s always new posters to see, and the poster museum also houses paintings and sculptures. In addition, visitors can also bring their own posters in for custom backing, restoration or framing.

Patron of the New

151 Franklin Street

For the high-end shopper who loves couture and designer merchandise, look no further than this cool New York City store, Patron of the New. Featuring avant-garde brands such as Palm Angels, Off-White, and HUES, which are often worn by top models and influencers, this store is a one-stop shopping spot for clothing, accessories, bags and other high-end goodies that are unique.

These stylish pieces come at a price, usually running in the $500 and up range, but capture the streetwear vibe of fashion that is all the rage on the streets of NYC. 


145 Hudson Street

Antique and secondhand stores can be found plenty in NYC; it’s just a matter of digging. But this cool NYC store takes all the rummaging out of the process and makes it easy. Specializing in Asian antiques ranging from furniture to sculpture and from countries such as China, Laos, and Thailand, Abhaya is a great place to look for special artistic pieces for home décor.

While the layout of Abhaya recalls a furniture store, the antiques on display give it a more gallery feel. From wooden tables and cabinets to large Buddha sculptures, it’s easy to find a unique centerpiece item that will be a topic of discussion.

After a full day of shopping, consider a visit to AIRE Ancient Baths. Also located in New York City’s Tribeca area, the repurposed spa houses several thermal baths for a relaxing, luxurious soak.

Décor touches such as Roman columns, and iron-cast lamps give AIRE New York an ancient vibe, as if stepping back in time. In addition, AIRE Ancient Baths offers a variety of spa services like massages or scrubs to pamper your body and refresh yourself.