FAQ’s AIRE Ancient Baths Barcelona

What is AIRE and what is the AIRE Experience? What makes it different from a spa?

AIRE Ancient Baths is a unique relaxation space for your mind and body to release the stress of everyday life. The experience we offer will allow you to feel a set of sensations with yourself or shared with whoever you want.
The AIRE Experience includes our thermal tour in a unique environment where you can move freely. You will enjoy a journey of sensations as you walk through our baths at different temperatures in a unique architectural space in the city. Let yourself be guided by candlelight and the scent of orange blossom and complete your experience with a massage or ritual to achieve a state of total relaxation of body and mind.

What happens if I arrive late?   

If you are delayed in arriving, you will be able to access the bath area, however your total experience may be shortened. If you have a massage or ritual included, it can be shortened depending on availability. Once you arrive everything will be more clear and our staff will inform and guide you.

Massage preferences

If you would prefer to have a female or male massage therapist or someone in specific, please let us know in advance so we can also make a note on your booking. Please note that we are unable to guarantee any request on that matter however, we will always endeavour to fulfil requests where possible.
Let our therapist know if you would like more or less pressure during your massage but please note that the pressure ranges will be determined by your chosen experience.
Although all our Experiences can be booked for two, we can only guarantee that the massage will be performed in the same room when you choose a Couples designed Experience. Likewise let us know your requirement in advance and we will do our best to accommodate.

How and when will my massage be performed?

The massages included in the experiences are usually performed during the second half of your session. We usually have clients enjoy the bathing experience first and then head to the massage room, but the staff who will greet you upon your arrival in the bathing area will be able to specify the times better depending on the duration of your massage and the time of the session.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to guarantee this, but we will do our best to accommodate your request.

I am pregnant, can I come and enjoy an AIRE experience?

Unfortunately, the AIRE Experiences aren't suitable for pregnant clients.
We hope you understand that our priority is to provide a relaxing experience for all who visit AIRE but the safety of our clients is of our utmost priority.
We would love to be able to pamper the soon-to-be mothers, however the high humidity of our space can impact the blood flow and heart rate of the guest which could be potentially harmful. In addition, our therapists do not receive any specific training and our facilities are unprepared to accomodate pregnant clients and it’s specific necessities.
Please be assured that we have consulted with a team of experts regarding this matter and have made the decision that there is a risk associated.
According to expert sources consulted, people who have given birth should not go in the water (bathing, swimming...) until normally 2 months or more after giving birth and always with medical approval (after that period). We therefore recommend you wait until you are ready. We look forward to welcoming you back to AIRE after this time for a unique and relaxing experience. Do not hesitate to contact us at barcelona@beaire.com with the subject "Post Pregnant AIRE Experience" and we will make sure you have your moment of relaxation with a special benefit.

What experience do I need to get? What kind of massages do you offer?

The AIRE Experience is complete when a massage or ritual is added to our iconic thermal tour. That is why we have designed a series of experiences that include mainly relaxing massages with specific products to bring you unique sensations. All our experiences can be completed with our selection of complements to create an even more perfect trip. You can decide according to your needs or tastes to take you to the purest state of relaxation.
To avoid crowds, we have a limit on the number of people taking the thermal tour. We accept a certain number of clients per hour, and we only reserve a specific number of places for people who do not want massages. Massages may be performed at any time during the experience, thus avoiding too many people in the thermal baths.
At AIRE Ancient Baths we have a wide range of experiences ideal for the different moments in which you want to relax.
> For moments when you need a bit of relaxation in your daily routine = Ancient Experiences
> For moments when you want to pamper yourself = Indulgent Experiences
> For moments when you want to pamper yourself and revitalize yourself = Renewing Experiences
> For moments when you want to enjoy relaxation with a companion, whether it is your partner, friends, family... = Couples Experiences
> For special moments or occasions = Signature Experiences

What do I have to wear? What is the dress code?

The only thing you need is your bathing suit, since its use is mandatory in our facilities, although we have some available to lend you in case it is necessary. We will provide you with non-slip shoes, towels, hygiene products, hair dryers and hair straighteners.
The use of bikini or swimsuit is indifferent, although we recommend wearing a simple two-piece swimsuit if your experience includes exfoliation. In the case of The Signature Wine Experience, the color of your swimsuit does not matter, as the water does not fade.
It is not necessary to wear a bathing hat; in the case of people with long hair, it will be requested that it be tucked in.

I have been given an AIRE Experience. How do I reserve it and how long is it valid?

You can make your reservation through our website, in the section, "I have a box" or by calling +34 93 220 44 18. You will only have to provide the code that you will find inside your Gift Box. The validity of your AIRE Experience is 1 year from the time of purchase and can only be redeemed at the same center for which it was purchased.

Up to when can I cancel or change the date/time of my reservation?

Both the cancellation and modification of a reservation can be made by calling +34 93 220 44 18 from the time of purchase up to 48 hours before without any problem. In this case, it will be possible to reschedule or request a refund.
In case of refund, it will only be valid for reservations paid in advance and not for gift boxes that are less than 14 days after purchase.

What is the minimum age?

You must be at least 18 years old.

Can I gift and AIRE Experience?

Of course! Sharing AIRE means sharing unique sensations. With our AIRE Gift Box you can deliver the AIRE Experience to whomever you want. With free shipping in 24 hours, the physical AIRE Gift Box is an exclusive and luxurious gift format, full of elegance and unique details with a design created for the recipient to discover your experience step by step.
The digital version, on the other hand, is an immersive, interactive and customizable way to give AIRE as a gift. A digital sensory journey that you can send immediately or schedule its delivery, and that you can start enjoying a preview of the experience that awaits you from anywhere.
The validity of both formats is 1 year and can be transferable, that is, it can be used by anyone as it is a flexible gift.

Can I change the AIRE Experience I have been gifted?

Yes, you can change or improve your experience by paying the difference in price, but it is not possible to split it or request one of a lower amount.

What is the bath area like? Will there be other people in the baths with me?

The bathing area is a large co-ed space, with different zones and massage areas. From AIRE we regulate the capacity of the experiences per session, to guarantee your privacy and tranquility during them, but they are not private so you will coincide with other clients.
We limit the number of people who can enter our center and we alternate the clients between bathing and massage time in order to have as few people as possible.

How long is the experience?

Depends on the experience: 1 hour and a half in experiences without massage and 2 or 3 hours in experiences with massages and rituals.
If your reservation is for the Ancient Baths experience, you will be able to visit the baths, the steam room and the rest area as you wish during the 90 minutes of the session. If you have scheduled any other AIRE Experience that combines our thermal tour with a Massage or Body Ritual, your thermal tour time will be included up to the total duration that the website establishes for the chosen AIRE Experience.

Can I eat on the premises?

Only the products we offer during our experiences can be consumed. If you wish, you can add one of our complements to make your experience even more complete.

Why are cell phones not allowed and why do I see people with phones and posting content in Social Media?

Phones and cameras are not allowed at AIRE during the open sessions to ensure the privacy of all our attendees as well as your peace and tranquility throughout the experience.
You may have seen images online or on Social Media. Any content of that nature has been made during private events or during photo sessions that occur outside of our regular schedule. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you offer private sessions or group reservations?

Yes, you can freely book up to 4 people through the website. But as our capacity is limited and silence is our mantra, bookings of more than 4 people will be managed and assisted by our staff to ensure everyone's AIRE Experience. You can always book a Private Session to enjoy AIRE completely to your liking. Contact us for more information at barcelona@beaire.com.

Do you have special rates and promotions?

We have special benefits for companies that collaborate with us. Contact us at barcelona@beaire.com for more information.
Special benefits are occasional and not cumulative. We recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all our news.

Can I leave my suitcase or my electric scooter at AIRE?

Our reception staff will be able to hold it for you when you arrive at the center, but we will not be responsible for it. It is preferable that you contact us in advance to make this kind of requests.

I have lost something: do you have a lost and found box?

Please secure your belongings in a locker. We are not responsible for lost items. However, the reception desk at each center always keeps found items for a period of time, so it is possible that we may be able to find what you have lost there. Please contact us at barcelona@beaire.com so we can look for it.