Making of “Make it Magical”

This year the Holiday spirit came early to AIRE Barcelona to wrap up the filming of “Make it Magical”, our latest fashion film starring Carmen Santacruz and Ruben Bernal.

“Make it Magical” is a delicate story of seduction and enjoyment which manages to concentrate in just three minutes in its most extensive version the dance of sensations that comes with immersing oneself in the AIRE universe. In this film, a couple who’s celebrating an intimate Holiday dinner will end up accessing an unknown place: A different world in which peace and total relaxation reign. A journey of discovery to live and feel all the magic of AIRE in a completely unforgettable way.

Foreign to passage of time since in AIRE time does not exist, the two main characters first enter into a dream forest that leads them to the AIRE experience. It’s their time to enjoy the dream of bathing in a historic building by candlelight, to indulge in the pleasure of floating in the Flotarium and to achieve maximum happiness by sharing the Red Wine Bath before enjoying a wonderful relaxing massage for both of them.

Main characters

Those of you who know us are aware that at AIRE we are passionate about art and beauty in all its manifestations and, once again, we have tried to reflect these values in this video. In this particular case, we feel fortunate again to have had two exceptional main characters. Nothing would have been the same without having, on one hand, our dear Carmen Santacruz, who brings a touch of elegance and distinction to all the projects in which she participates. Her successful career as an international  model has led her to be the image of campaigns for major brands such as Armani or Coca- Cola, as well as starring in countless covers in several reference magazines such as Vogue or Cosmopolitan. Next to her: the great Ruben Bernal, for whom the ATRESMEDIA series “El Secreto de Puente Viejo” was a breaking point in his career as an actor. Thanks to the professionalism and complicity between them, in “Make it Magical” Carmen and Ruben play at being a perfect couple who don’t need to talk to each other to say everything with their eyes.

Directed by our genius creative director Raul Rosillo, the shooting of “Make it Magical” is the most ambitious one that the AIRE Ancient Baths' Marketing Team has faced to date given its complexity in terms of production.

From here our most hearty thanks to all who have participated in one way or another in this project with special mention to our friends from Scalpers, Yolancris, David Locco and La Siberia.

With the hope you enjoy it and share its magic among your loved ones, we leave here some details, anecdotes and curious data related to this shooting.

We needed two whole nights for a shoot in which 22 people participated directly combining the technical, artistic and production teams.

All the sequences were filmed in the early hours of October 11 and 12 2018 at AIRE Ancient Baths Barcelona.

Dozens of trees, shrubs and branches of Prunus Pissardii and Populus Nigra were used to decorate the reception forest scene, adding up to more than 30 units and all of them “planted” on a surface of more than 20 square meters of grass.

All decorative and props elements were natural including the lawn.

All flowers came from Holland. We chose among others the varieties Proteas, Illex, various types of pine branches with pine cones, Amaranthus, Eryngium…

We also used 500 kg. of bark and extra branches that had to be collected manually at the end of the shoot with the collaboration of practically all the members of the team.

We used over 200 candles just for the Flotarium scene and over 150 flowers that we hung one by one from the ceiling upside down.

For Carmen’s look, we had an integral piece made of rhinestones that Yolancris gave us with all the affection even knowing we were going to put it in the water.

The music is an exclusive composition of downtempo sounds with some effects that come to us from San Diego from our friends Chris and Charlotte Proud of Dub Sutra.