Relax as a couple 30' massage

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Relax as a couple 30' massage

120 min.

95 €

Price per person

With the arrival of good weather, now is the perfect time to enjoy an unforgettable relaxation experience with your favourite person, with our 30 min couples massage. The massage focuses on the neck, head, shoulders, and back area. This helps to release muscle tension and lead the mind to a state of total calm.

L - J: 121€
V - D: 178€
*Prices per couple
*This experience does not include a rooftop view of La Giralda

Romantic Experience

Romantic Experience


  • A tour of the thermal baths
  • 30 minute massage for two
  • 2 fruit juices

During this time, you will have access to our relaxation room with its warm marble seating area and a special selection of AIRE teas.

Body and mind benefits:

The beneficial effects of baths with temperature contrasts were widely known by our Greek, Roman and Arabic ancestors. The hot water relaxes the muscles and joint tension while the cold water reactivates blood circulation, tones the skin, and has a reinvigorating effect. The AIRE massage combines different techniques and is specifically designed to achieve a maximum state of relaxation in a short amount of time, through slow, deep, and comprehensive movements.

Tips and recommendations:

Your body is wise and will know when to tell you to get out of the water and move from one bath to another at a different temperature. Remember that at any time you can access the relaxation room, where cold water and our special selection of AIRE Tea to keep you hydrated are always at your disposal. If at any point during your massage you feel that the pressure is too intense or too light, please, tell your therapist.