Ultimate Bath

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Ultimate Bath

90 min.

M-TH775 kr

F-SUN975 kr

Price per person

Lose yourself in a journey of sensations in a restored historic building surrounded by candles and inspired by ancient civilizations. Your adventure begins by receiving your AIRE Hydration Set containing Aloe Vera powered elements to give you the most relaxing and nourishing DIY experience.

It includes: an Aloe Vera DIY Body scrub to detoxify and renew your skin, a hydrating sheet mask for the face enriched with Aloe Vera extract to moisturize and soften and finally, a powerful refreshing drink for that extra hydrating boost.

Step into the AIRE showers and exfoliate your body with this purifying sugar scrub. Take a moment to relax on our heated marble and apply your aloe vera face mask or perhaps choose to take home with you to continue your hydration journey at home. When you feel like you need an extra boost of nourishment, enjoy your refreshing drink and keep on savoring the moment.

At any point during your experience take your time and listen to your body as you move through the Ancient Baths, a journey where you will experience of our baths at different temperatures, including theCaldarium (40ºC), Frigidarium (10ºC & 6ºC), Tepidarium (36ºC), Balneum (Bath of a Thousand Jets), Vaporium (Steam Room with aromatherapy), the Pediluvium and the Flotarium (Salt Water Bath).

The ultra-hydrating me time you deserve is at AIRE.






  • Ancient Baths
  • A DIY hydrating and exfoliating Aloe Vera Body scrub
  • A soothing Aloe Vera sheet face mask
  • A refreshing drink

Body and mind benefits:

To find time for yourself is concidered being one of the most important things one can do. However It's not an easy task due to the chaotic weekdays you might face, therefore we have created this experience for intence recovery, we know you deserve.

With this in mind we have chosen Aloe Vera for this experience as the best way of helping you have the best me time you deserve. The Aloe plant has been used throughout history to soothe and nourish the skin as well as reduce irritation. It also has a calming and soothing effect on the body. When consumed it is known for its high levels of antioxidants, hydration and nourishing properties for the hair, skin and nails.

Tips and recommendations:

Your body is wise, we invite you to closely listen to it as it guides you through the space. So, close your eyes and follow your feelings and your instincts. Walk at your own pace, go from one bath to the other and you will naturally know when it is time to move between them. Step into our AIRE shower after some time in the baths and perform your DIY body exfoliation. Rinse off and find your own comfortable space in our relaxation area and apply your face mask and refresh yourself with some cold water. Remember this is your time, and we want you to truly enjoy it.