The Signature Beer Experience

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The Signature Beer Experience

180 min.

2,500.00 kr

Price per person

We love Carlsberg, its atmosphere, its vibe, its people and its traditions. And since we are located in the amazing neighborhood of Carlsberg Byen, inside Carlsberg's former brewery, we decided to turn one of the greatest Danish traditions into one of our most exclusive rituals: The Beer Bath Ritual.

Beer experts and relaxation experts working alongside to give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy beer as never before, in the most AIRE way.

Embark in an amazing journey where all of your senses will be constantly stimulated. Let yourself be guided to the massage room, where we'll spray a mist of the powerful and delicious bergamot essential oil, whose healing and relaxing properties will not only alleviate any stress you have, but also set the atmosphere.

We'll start with a deep full-body 45 minute massage using our almond oil infused with Orange Blossom. Simultaneously, you'll enjoy a delicious cranial massage using a nourishing and repairing Orange Blossom hair mask. You'll be delighted by the mix of soft and intense movements of this experience, which combined with the aromatherapy, will stimulate every nerve of your body.

And later on, for a perfect climax you'll enjoy a private 30 minute soak in a Bath specially prepared for you to benefit from all the properties of beer, let its vitamins and minerals work as a natural cleanser, that will not only brighten your skin tone, but also add a natural glow to it.

Could this get any better? It sure can. You'll have a fabulous beer tasting brought to you by Carlsberg: Try three specially selected beer shots: Carlsberg Pilsener, Carlsberg 1883 and the irresistible Jacobsen Yakima IPA, paired with a selection of three appetizers combining a variety of cheeses: Royal Grand Cru, Apple Red Cheddar and amazing Manchego. And for something exclusive and sweet: Peter Beier's amazing chocolates.

While savoring we'll hand you a brief explanation of this ritual step by step, getting into details about Carlsberg, the beer soak and its connection with AIRE.

This ritual will finish with our most loved essential, The Ancient Thermal Bath circuit. Find peace walking through our baths at different temperatures, (hot, cold, warm, ice): The jets bath, the Vaporium (Steam Room with aromatherapy), and the Flotarium (Salt Water Bath), in addition to the salt exfoliation area.

Let's make this your new favorite tradition.

A special ritual for you to enjoy beer as never before, in the most AIRE way.




  • A 30 minute private Carlsberg exclusive beer soak
  • A 15 minute cranial massage with a delicious Orange Blossom hair mask
  • Guided and specialized Beer and appetizers tasting (Chocolate and cheese)
  • A 45 minute relaxing full-body massage using almond oil infused with Orange Blossom oil
  • Magical Thermal Baths circuit
  • Access to the relaxation area to rest on warm marble stone and refresh yourself with some cold water or enjoy our special selection of AIRE tea.

Body and mind benefits:

The soothing and relaxing effect of Bergamot oil essence, it's proven to be an effective method to reduced feelings of anxiety,

That's why we'll begin with a soft spray of this amazing element, to balance the atmosphere and dive you immediately into relaxation.

Our exquisite massage, using special oils will have an anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory effect in your body. The movements, complemented by the various properties of the essential oils will help brighten your skin, clarifying it and improving its elasticity.

Beer contains certain vitamins and minerals, saccharides, and yeast which makes it a natural cleanser, perfect to reduce the appearance of acne. Its properties also help dissolve dead skin cells, and increase the elasticity of the skin

The amazing and delicate cranial massage awakens nerve endings throughout the entire body and involves our most loved Orange Blossom hair mask which properties make your hair shinier and stronger.

Tips and recommendations:

Enjoy your soak, diving deeply in Beer, feeling its benefits all over your body. When tasting it, discover the different flavors hidden in every sip, and let this amazing beverage free you of toxins and work as an incredible cleanser.

During the thermal tour, listen to your body to know when you should change from one bath to another. Ask the therapist to adjust your massage intensity whenever you like. Above all, be sure to enjoy every part of your AIRE journey, prepare your senses and live fully every emotion, this relaxing time is yours to live, share and treasure. Close your eyes and let yourself go.