Inspiring spaces for coworking

Coworking spaces are on the rise in major cities, as freelance and remote work becomes more popular. Coworking spaces offer a place to work, network, and relax for workers who prefer to control their own schedule and location as opposed to working in a set office.New York City has a variety of cool coworking places all throughout the city! Each one offers its own perks and different pricing tiers to suit every kind of remote worker. One thing that’s great about coworking spaces is that you can get some work in before going to the best  brunches in New York!


Many coworking spaces provide amenities like free coffee and tea, kitchen access to store food, private conference rooms and more. This makes it feel like a real office, but without all the structure and strictness of an actual nine-to-five.

Check out our list of favorite coworking spaces below!

Kin Coworking Space

For those who love the high-end, boutique feel of Soho, Kin Coworking Space has the perfect location on Broadway. Kin features the clean, minimalist aesthetic that is very popular, with bright open spaces, wooden furnishings, and a kitchen with marble countertops. Kin provides virtual co-working access as well as physical co-working access 24/7, which is great for international workers as well.

The Commons

Spacious and comfortable, The Commons is a much-needed coworking space in the Upper East Side, which is very residential. Options range from a day pass to a dedicated office, with access to a kitchen, phone booths, and exclusive member events. The majority of the space is decorated with lots of plants and open light spaces, making it a very relaxing place to work. The open space and shared desks foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas, while the private offices are available for people who need to work solo.


With two locations in Midtown, Beewake is like a mini oasis in the heart of NYC. The coworking space of Beewake has a very rustic, country feel, with its wood paneling and furniture, big comfy couches, and fairy light strings hanging about. Casual and comfy, Beewake’s tagline is “get inspired, get productive,” showing that they know the importance of an inspiring space. Inspiration and relaxation leads to productivity, and the calming vibe of Beewake is perfect for getting work done.


For the environmentally conscious worker, there’s Greendesk, a coworking space that promotes itself as sustainable and eco-friendly. Greendesk has multiple locations in Brooklyn and Long Island City, and tends to be on the more affordable side of the coworking space, with day passes around $25. Greendesk offers organic coffee, uses green cleaning products and energy efficient lighting, but it’s biggest draw is probably it’s outdoor patio space.


WeWork is synonymous with coworking spaces and is one of the more well-known coworking space companies in the city. The chain offers day passes, private desks, or private offices in multiple locations throughout NYC, sometimes outfitting multiple floors for a variety of activities. We Work spaces are meant to create a community, and host a variety of networking events, mixers, and even game nights for members and visitors.

Coworking: A Trend

Many coworking facilities offer both virtual and physical memberships, as previously mentioned, and the pros and cons for each of them vary based on the type of freelance or remote worker. A virtual membership usually provides access to conference rooms when needed or a mailbox address to keep business and personal work separate. Virtual memberships are good for workers who may not need a physical office, but still need a space to sort out their business needs.

Physical memberships are great for workers who prefer to have a designated space for their work, and may be more stationary in a city. Physical memberships can range from a shared table or desk to a private office, and provide access to all the social spaces for freelancers and remote workers who like to network and collaborate.

Overall, many coworking spaces are similar in terms of amenities, pricing, and accessibility. Some coworking spaces are also women-only or queer-friendly, promoting their coworking space as a community space for those social groups, or even industry-specific spaces, with focuses on travel, tech, or creative industries. The best way to determine if a coworking space is right for you is to schedule a visit or test it out with a day pass.