AIRE White Wedding Collection

A new season of refreshing relaxation

Receive complimentary Floral Eye Patches & a glass of cava for your AIRE Experience on selected sessions

Refreshing Relaxation

Embark on a journey that will guide you to discover a new sense of revitalisation. Let your senses awaken with the revitalising textures of our massages and rituals, inspired by renewal and relaxation. Prepare your skin for outdoor activities and days by the water as you feel seasonal fatigue melt away. Experience an extraordinary sense of renewal and feel deep hydration and irresistible softness.


Discover refreshing relaxation this season with our recommended experiences

Orange Garden

A tribute to AIRE's Signature Aroma, Orange Garden. Enjoy a 35 minute body massage and a 25 minute face massage with relaxing Gua Shas, a cooling hydrogel face mask, a scalp massage, our thermal baths and a refreshing drink.

145 €

per person

Ancient Relaxing Massage 30'

A journey through sensations in a historic building by candlelight, which consists of a 30 minute relaxing massage and a tour at your own pace through thermal baths at different temperatures.

108 €

per person

Escape Together 30'

A 30 minute relaxing massage and a journey of relaxation for two, consisting of a tour at your own pace through baths at different temperatures and cava or juice.

225 €

per couple

Holistic Ritual

Total exfoliation, moisturising body massage with honey hair mask and thermal baths

Ultimate Blossom Ritual

Floral exfoliation, clay body wrap, thermal baths and juice or cava

Himalayan Salt Ritual

Body wrap, relaxing massage, thermal baths and relaxing infusion



Feeling the warm water enveloping your body is one of the most relaxing sensations there is. Feel your tiredness melt away and your muscles relax. Enjoy the feeling of comfort that fills your body.


Let yourself be carried away by the comforting warmth of our bath with the highest temperature and experience an immediate sensation of well-being as your pores open up, your skin is oxygenated and your body and mind relax in a very welcoming way.


Feel the contrast in temperature and discover the benefits of our coldest bath. Let yourself be fascinated by the smoothness, softness and elasticity that cold water brings to your skin.


Surrender to the sensation of floating, one of the best in the world, in a salt bath that will transport you to the deepest relaxation while your body merges with the water and your mind lets go of stress to a relaxing melody even underwater.


Relax, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the movement of the water. Feel how relaxation invades your body through each of the bubbles.


Enter the room and make your way through the drops of warm, light, eucalyptus-scented steam . You can feel your pores being cleansed and your lungs being filled thanks to this magical space.


AIRE, a place where time does not exist. Where the dim candlelight guides your steps and you're surrounded by the soft scent of orange blossom. Where moments of silence combine with the murmur of the water at different temperatures and a relaxing melody that will accompany you even underwater. Where you surrender to the sensation of floating, concentrating on your breathing and the feeling of the oils falling on your skin. Breathe deeply. Feel the total and absolute relaxation of body and mind.

This is AIRE, a special moment to remember.

"True relaxation. Quiet, calming, not too busy, beautiful place. Staff were excellent and the facilities are impeccable."

"This is the best experience and gift I have ever had in my life, the place is worthy 100%, the staff was super attentive and professional, I would definitely recommend Aire to my friends and family."

"Came to this fantastic place and experience their amazing massages and ancient baths. This place was great for our anniversary celebration. Thank you for your amazing service!"

"Everything about this place is magical."

"Amazing! Had the best massage. Such a beautiful atmosphere and the service is exceptional. They think of everything."