Our job is to ensure your safety;yours is just to relax

Providing you with a unique relaxing experience is at the core of our mission at AIRE Ancient Baths. Now, more than ever, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our guests and staff. In response to these challenging times, we developed enhanced sanitation protocols and implemented specific safety measures,. We are taking the utmost care to make sure that all you have to worry about is relaxing.

Below we've summarized our Post Covid-19 Health & Safety Plan, with all the key points and information you need for a safe experience. We'll update these procedures as things change and evolve, so be sure to check back here before you arrive for your appointment.









1. Required in all AIRE London. Strongly recommended in Baths area.
Due to the widespread transmission of COVID-19, our company enforces a face covering policy. All employees, customers and visitors are required to wear a proper face covering when entering this establishment. Appropriate Types of Face Coverings are:
    *N95 masks, surgical masks or face shield;
    *homemade masks;
    *other cloth covering such as handkerchief, scarf or bandana
Face covering must be worn so that they fit snuggly, but comfortably over the face and be secured with straps and ear loops. The face covering must be include multiple layers of fabric and allow for unrestricted breathing.

Check-In and Reception:

  • All check-ins will be performed online or via telephone, prior to your arrival. We are taking extra care of our team, so they can take extra care of you and minimize interaction at the reception desk
  • Check-in upon arrival will be done individually and in order of arrival
  • You will find special sanitation stations for customers equipped with hand sanitizer in all common areas.
  • We have removed all non-essential paper elements such as brochures and price lists. This information will be available through QR codes and/or via email
  • Our lobby has been retrofitted to preserve social distancing with our employees and other customers in the reception area
  • Temporary pause of contact points such as, water and tea stations and valet parking (in selected cities)

Changing Rooms:

  • We will work to maintain safety distance all times between customers and staff
  • Our internal cleaning staff performs deep, thorough cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces as well as the inside of each locker between customers, following approved protocols
  • All textile items (towels, bathrobes, booties, swimsuits, etc.) are washed at a minimum temperature of 140ºF, as well as being sanitized

Thermal Baths:

  • We have reduced the total allowable capacity during all our sessions in accordance with social distancing protocols
  • Our staff will actively monitor to ensure compliance with social distancing measures
  • You will find special sanitation stations for customers equipped with hand sanitizer in all common areas.
  • We adhere to the strictest standards of cleaning and sanitation, according to special protocols created exclusively for your peace of mind
  • We use disinfecting agents in our baths waters, samples of which are regularly tested and analyzed by an external specialist certified company
  • Face Masks must be worn in all common areas unless medically exempt.

Treatment Rooms:

  • We implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols for all our treatment rooms, massage tables and equipment, using certified EPA disinfectant products before and after use by each customer
  • We maintain our protocols for all our massages and rituals using sanitized textile materials, designed for individual use

We continue to explore additional sanitation tools and stay abreast of all new developments regarding the most effective methods and products to employ

For any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team at booking@beaire.com

We can't wait to see you again!

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