The Ancient Argan Ritual

The Ancient Argan Ritual

150 min.

M-TH 180 €

F-SUN 209 €

The essence of AIRE turned into an extraordinary ritual that embraces the face and body with a symphony of delicate movements for a deep and enveloping massage. Warm, organic argan oil and jade stones give this experience an irresistible touch of distinction and sumptuousness that connects to the ancestral traditions of Berber women, who have used these elements for centuries to rejuvenate, strengthen, and beautify their skin.

The numerous beneficial properties of argan oil have been used by the Berber women for centuries to enrich body and mind with their delicate sumptuousness and seductive aroma.

The Ancient Argan Experience includes:

Thermal tour with visits to the Caldarium (Hot Bath / 40º), the Frigidarium (Cold Bath / 16º), the Tepidarium (Warm Bath / 36 º), the Balneum (Bath of a Thousand Jets), the Laconicum (Steam Bath), and the Flotarium (Salt Bath).During this time you can visit the relaxation room with warm marble seats and enjoy our special selection of AIRE teas.

A 90 minutes long ritual including a relaxing full-body massage with warm, organic argan oil working the legs, abdomen, arms, back, shoulders, and cranium. During the facial massage we work with organic argan cream and jade stones. A series of inhalations with lavender essential oils determined by your therapist will help you enter a state of deep relaxation.

An infusion with a relaxing effect.

Romantic Experience

Romantic Experience

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

The Ancient Argan Ritual includes:

  • Free thermal tour with stays in the Caldarium (Hot Bath /40º)
  • The Frigidarium (Cold Bath / 16º)
  • The Tepidarium (Warm Bath / 36º)
  • The Balneum (Bath of a Thousand Jets)
  • The Laconicum (a Steam Bath with aromatherapy)
  • The Flotarium (Salt Water Bath)

During this time you can access the relaxation area room with a warm marble seating area and taste our special selection of AIRE teas.

Body and mind benefits:

Argan oil is known as the "gold of the desert" given its numerous and powerful properties for the skin. It comes from North African countries, through a process of sun-drying and cold-pressing the fruits of the argan tree. It contains a high percentage of fatty acids and is very rich in vitamin E, making it ideal for hydrating and preventing signs of aging. With this ritual you will achieve a feeling of total escape, as it involves a slow, rhythmic massage technique with long strokes.

Tips and recommendations:

During the thermal tour, listen to your body to know when you should change from one bath to another of a different temperature. Remember that at any time you can access the relaxation room, where cold water and our special selection of AIRE Tea to keep you hydrated are always at your disposal. If at any point during your massage you feel that the pressure is too intense or too light, please, tell your therapist.

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