The Wedding Love Connection 60'

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The Wedding Love Connection 60'

135 min.


Price per person

AIRE's new romantic experience. The sky is a mysterious and magical space full of stars, planets and constellations, a frame where love is written.

Venus, the symbol of love, and Mars, the manifestation of desire create a combination that is believed to represent the balance of a couple providing the perfect setting for lovers to feel the energy flooding the sky.

Follow the candlelit path to the massage room where you will take guided inhalations with your therapists, and choose the oil that resonates best with you: Venus oil, with soothing properties thanks to rosehip, or Mars oil, with energising properties thanks to rosemary.

You will enjoy a wonderful massage, during which your therapists will apply pressure with hot basalt stones to relieve muscle tension and provide a magical sensation to your body.
To end the experience, you can enjoy a fresh fruit juice.

This experience also includes our Ancient Baths, a tour through baths at different temperatures (hot, cold, warm, ice), the jets bath, the Vaporium (Steam Room with aromatherapy), and the Flotarium (Salt Water Bath).

You will also enjoy exclusive complements from The White Collection to ensure total hydration from top to toe.

Let go in the relaxation area while you soak your feet in a botanical bath, a new element aimed to moisturize and rejuvenate your feet while enjoying a moisturising facial mask.

Find your balance with this wonderful romantic experience.



Romantic Experience

Romantic Experience

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage


  • Thermal tour
  • 60 minute relaxing massage with soothing or energising oil and basalt stones for two
  • Moisturising facial mask
  • Botanical foot bath with magnesium salts and almond, sandalwood and lavender oil
  • A fresh fruit juice

Body and mind benefits:

Venus, the symbol of love, and Mars, the manifestation of desire, a combination believed to represent the balance of our energies.

The essential oils used in this experience will help to balance these two energies through their properties.

The Venus oil contains rosehip and essential oils of cypress, sage and clove, ideal for a feeling of well-being and serenity.

The Mars oil with rosemary, sesame, cinnamon and cypress tones and stimulates the muscles, providing an energising sensation.

Hot basalt stones enhance the properties of the oils as well as reducing muscle tension and fatigue for a greater feeling of tranquillity and balance.

Tips and recommendations:

Choose the oil that resonates with you at that very moment, our body knows what it needs and will tell you which of the two will be the best option for you to enjoy a relaxing massage while your energy is balanced.

Your body is wise and will know when to get out of the water to change from one bath to another at a different temperature.
We recommend alternating hot and cold baths for better stimulation of your body.

Keep your body hydrated, especially after the Vaporium. Remember that at all times you will be able to access the relaxation room where you will always have cold water and our special selection of AIRE Tea at your disposal.

If during your massage, at any time you feel that the pressure is too intense or too light, please indicate this to your therapist.