The Perfect Skin Ritual

The Perfect Skin Ritual

150 min.

M-TH 96 €

F-SUN 101 €

Give your skin the chance to be deeply nourished and to glow with its own light, pampering it with this exclusive facial ritual in which we work with products by Ami Iyök, a line of certified natural organic cosmetics inspired in the depths of the Costa Rican jungle. A beauty treatment that combines biological active ingredients with advanced technology and that is also a bet on honesty, respect for the environment, and respect for people.

Take care of your skin with an extra dose of pampering at the hands of cosmetic line that will win you over with its sophistication and naturalness at the same time.

The Perfect Skin Ritual includes:

- Thermal tour

- A 60 min. facial ritual that begins by applying Green Shaman facial cleanser with spirulina algae, sesame oil, and hyaluronic acid from vegetable fermentation, and continues with a delicate face massage with Hibistonic Witch Hazel and Ginkgo Biloba oil with high antioxidant power. Next, the Exfonat natural oxygenator with natural oligo-elements from bamboo, micronized coconut shells, sacha inchi oil, and organic olive oil will produce an exfoliating effect to facilitate the natural skin cell renovation process. The regeneration period is supported by the repairing and purifying Oceanik Mask, made with biologically active ocean mud, volcanic clay and witch hazel. Finally, the Dryskin Oasis cream contains olive oil, sacha inchi, bamboo, beeswax, and almond oil, so that it restructures and strengthens the skin thanks to its high concentration of vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

- A natural fruit juice or a relaxing infusion.

- Tasting of our special selection of AIRE Tea.

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

The Perfect Skin Ritual includes:

  • Free thermal tour with stays in the Caldarium (Hot Bath /40º)
  • The Frigidarium (Cold Bath / 16º)
  • The Tepidarium (Warm Bath / 36º)
  • The Balneum (Bath of a Thousand Jets)
  • The Laconicum (a Steam Bath with aromatherapy)
  • The Flotarium (Salt Water Bath)

During this time you can access the relaxation area room with a warm marble seating area and taste our special selection of AIRE teas.

Body and mind benefits:

The exotic sachi inchi oil together with ecologic Mediterranean olive oil is a perfect combination to give a touch of vitality, glow, and suppleness that the skin needs for the day to day. Its combination of bamboo, beeswax, and almond oil refreshes, softens, and promotes cellular rejuvenation, giving way to a regenerated, smooth, and soft skin,. The facial massage is highly relaxing thanks to the techniques applied and the diversity of aromas perceived during this ritual. The effects of this ritual are the evening out and matifying of skin tone, closing of enlarged pores, and returning a silky appearance to the face. In addition to its reparative and rejuvenating effects, it provides a pleasant sensation of calm and well-being

Tips and recommendations:

During the thermal tour, listen to your body to know when you should change from one bath to another of a different temperature. Remember that at any time you can access the relaxation room, where cold water and our special selection of AIRE Tea to keep you hydrated are always at your disposal.

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