Performed on warm marble beds

Sensorial and unique experience

Floral products

Different textures

The Ultimate Blossom Experience

It's time to give colour to your life in this new season and that's why we have created a new, unique and different AIRE Experience. Reconnect with yourself and get ready for this new stage. Renew and revitalise your skin with this new AIRE Experience, totally different to anything you've seen before, created from the scent of flowers to guide you to a complete renewal and performed on a heated marble bed, which will allow your senses to awaken.

Feel your skin glowing, hydrated and soft as you enjoy a complete ritual inspired by change, reconnecting with your positive side.

Are you ready for this new experience?

The Ultimate Blossom Experience

  • The Ancient Thermal Baths
  • Access to warm marble beds
  • Floral exfoliation with Himalayan pink salt and kukui oil, and Jasmine and lotus mist
  • Floral mask with Hindu sacred flower clay
  • Cranial massage
  • Fresh juice or glass of cava

106 €

The Ultimate Blossom Experience

106 €

A unique and incomparable new sensorial experience

Ancient Thermal Baths

The new AIRE Experience, created from flowers and completely sensorial, will guide you on a journey of relaxation through the five senses thanks to its different textures. Start by touring our baths at different temperatures to relax your body and mind and delight in the magical sensation of floating. To ensure a complete experience and prepare your skin for this experience, we recommend entering the Vaporium for a few minutes at the end of the tour.

Warm Marble Beds

You will enjoy a unique sensation as our warm marble beds provide your body with a pleasant body temperature during the whole experience. Just relax and enjoy. The first thing you will feel is a pleasant sensation as drops of water run down your body to prepare it for this unique experience.

Floral Exfoliation

Let yourself be carried away by a sensation of renewal as we apply a floral exfoliation with Himalayan pink salt, which offers great cleansing and purification, and kukui oil which, adding its regenerative qualities, will leave your skin renewed and velvety.

Jasmine and Lotus Mist

We then apply a Jasmine and Lotus mist and lotus to help dissolve the scrub and transform the product into a pleasant floral oil perfect for massaging and moisturising your body.

Floral Clay Mask

For a wonderful refreshing sensation, we will apply a relaxing body wrap mask white clay and infusion of sacred Hindu flowers that will provide your skin with hydration and freshness while purifying it.

Cranial Massage

Before concluding this experience, you can enjoy a gentle head massage while enjoying the warmth of the warm marble beds, to finish the experience more relaxed and refreshed than ever.

Fresh Juice or Cava

At the end of your experience you will receive a fresh juice or a glass of cava to refresh you and reactivate your senses.

Gift an Experience of unique sensations

Would you like to imagine yourself enjoying this experience? Imagine how the person you give it to will feel?

This new AIRE Experience is perfect for new beginnings, to renew energies. We all have someone we want to give a special surprise, a breath of fresh air. Share this unique experience. Give The Ultimate Blossom Experience as a gift


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The AIRE spaces are temples dedicated to relaxation, a place created for you, so that you can disconnect, reflect and relax in a historic building illuminated by hundreds of candles.

Renew your body and free your mind while you enjoy our thermal tour. Enjoy every moment while we take care of everything.