The Holistic Ritual - Special Father's Day

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The Holistic Ritual - Special Father's Day

150 min.

L-J $235

V-D $249

Calm your mind and relax your body until you reach a state of complete inner peace that lets you renew your energy. This is the goal of this pleasurable ritual designed to holistically pamper and hydrate your skin. The experience includes a full-body exfoliation and a delicate massage while your hair is nourished by a honey hydrating mask.

Feel good inside and out with this ritual with high hydration power that includes exfoliation, massage, and a hair treatment.

Enjoy a 15 minute full-body exfoliation with a green tea and lime scrub in addition to a 45 minute hydrating full body massage using green tea massage oil focusing on the legs, arms back and cranium. Meanwhile, we apply a honey and propolis hydrating hair mask. During the massage, a series of inhalations with essential oils determined by your therapist will help you enter a state of deep relaxation.

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Expériences exfoliantes

Expériences exfoliantes

Soins du corps

Soins du corps

The Holistic Ritual - Special Father's Day comprend:

  • A tour at your own pace through thermal baths at different temperatures.
  • A 15 minute full-body exfoliation with a green tea and lime scrub
  • 45 minute hydrating full body massage using green tea massage oil.

During your visit you can also access the relaxation area to rest on warm marble stone and refresh yourself with some cold water or enjoy our special selection of AIRE tea.

Bienfaits pour le corps et l'esprit:

This is a medium intensity massage in which the subtlety and quality of the aroma of green tea plays a large role. This is a purifying ritual from which you will acquire a pleasant, energizing sensation.

Conseils et recommandations:

During the thermal tour, listen to your body to know when you should change from one bath to another of a different temperature. Remember that at any time you can access the relaxation room, where cold water and our special selection of AIRE Tea to keep you hydrated are always at your disposal. Before beginning the ritual, we recommend you spend two or three minutes in the Laconicum or steam bath to help open your pores so that the exfoliation is more effective. If at any point during your massage you feel that the pressure is too intense or too light, please, tell your therapist.

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