This Holidays gives AIRE

There is no better gift than a magical, pure relaxation experience for the body and the mind at a building filled with history.

If you’re already thinking about your Christmas presents, keep in mind you can treat that special someone to something truly unique. An experience where water at different temperatures, silence, the dim light from dozens of candles, the smell of orange blossom, and the velvety whisper of relaxing melodies are the key elements to reach a state of complete wellness, both physical and mental, especially if you add to your gift a relaxing massage or one of our rituals.

All AIRE experiences and rituals are available in physical or virtual gift boxes, perfect as a present in special occasions such as Christmas. The physical model, available for sale at our centres and also at, includes a card with a code that is required to make the reservation. If you prefer, the delivery can be carried out by a messenger at the address of your choice. In any case, the virtual gift box will be arriving through e-mail.

The rates vary depending on the centre and the selected experience or ritual. The most basic experience, which includes a thermal circuit with aromatherapy, has a cost of €36, while some of the most special rituals, such as the Wine Bath or Salt Massage rituals, are around €140.