Special for two

Get ready for double the enjoyment. From Monday to Friday, we look forward to welcoming you to AIRE, where you and your chosen companion can let yourselves be guided by your senses. Visit AIRE from Monday to Friday to enjoy a thermal circuit and a massage. Your companion only pays for the massage and can share the thermal circuit with you for free.

*Offer valid from Monday to Friday for time slots between 10 am and 4 pm, and between 10 pm and midnight. Applicable to the Thermal Bath and 30-minute Relaxing Massage Experience, or any other Experience of equal or greater value.

Discover the Experiences

Meet the Experiences you can enjoy with this promotion

Thermal Baths and 30 minutes massage for two

Enjoy your treatment bath with aromatherapy and a relaxing 30 minute massage TOGETHER and save the price of the second Thermal Bath.

M-TH 89 €

F-SUN 99 €

Baths and 45 minutes Massage for two

Enjoy your treatment bath with aromatherapy and a relaxing 45 minute massage TOGETHER and save the price of the second Thermal Bath.

M-TH 119 €

F-SUN 129 €

The Wine Bath Experience for two

Discover the antioxidant properties of Spanish Ribera del Duero red grapes by submerging yourself in a red wine bath in a Venetian 17th-century restored marble well.

M-TH 191 €

F-SUN 195 €

The Ancient Argan Ritual for two

Discover the beneficial properties of Argan oil that have been used by the Berber women for centuries due to its delicate sumptuousness and seductive aroma.

M-TH 243 €

F-SUN 247 €

Thermal Baths & 60 minutes relaxing massage for two

A journey of relaxation in a candlelit historical building, that consists of a tour at your own pace through different baths at different temperatures. Experience includes a 60 minute relaxing full-body massage.

M-TH 155 €

F-SUN 159 €

The Perfect Skin Ritual for two

An extra dose of pampering for your skin, led by an organic cosmetics line that will capture you with its combination of sophisticated, yet natural features.

M-TH 173 €

F-SUN 177 €

The Athlete Ritual for two

Designed for the pre and post physical exercise moments in which muscles and joints require special care.

M-TH 191 €

F-SUN 195 €

The Floating Ritual for two

Discover this pleasurable massage that takes place in the water while you give yourself in to the unrivalled sensation of floating.

M-TH 121 €

F-SUN 125 €

The Himalayan Salt Experience for two

Discover the cleansing and purifying effects of pure Himalayan pink salt and see how the balance of your body and mind is restored until you reach a state of complete wellness.

M-TH 181 €

F-SUN 185 €

The Holistic Ritual for two

Feel good inside and out with this ritual with high hydration power that includes exfoliation, massage, and a hair treatment.

M-TH 177 €

F-SUN 181 €

The Mediterranean Ritual for two

Feel like the light, the energy, and the essence of the Mediterranean repair and nourish your skin with this vitamin C bath that bears the seal of the prestigious Natura Bissé.

M-TH 255 €

F-SUN 259 €

The Olive Essence Ritual for two

Discover all that Mediterranean olive oil can do for you and for your skin to nourish it while your mind is transported to the olive groves of Andalucía.

M-TH 179 €

F-SUN 183 €

The Mind & Body Ritual by Miriam Quevedo for two

An exclusive sensory experience with 24 carat micronized gold and white caviar oil that seeks to nourish and regenerate the hair and scalp, as well as toning the muscles.

M-TH 255 €

F-SUN 259 €

The Vegan Experience by Ayuna for two

Achieve balance for your skin and mind with this ritual. It includes a full body exfoliation with an organic luffa sponge, followed by a relaxing massage using Ayuna's 100% vegan products.

Duration: 150 min.

M-TH 191 €

F-SUN 195 €