Buildings with Soul

AIRE centres are temples dedicated to physical and mental relaxation, where time does not exist. They are always located in historical buildings at urban centres.


Inspired by the traditional baths of our Greek, Roman, and Ottoman ancestors, the AIRE concept is born from the need we all have today to find a moment for ourselves, where we can completely disconnect from the surrounding reality. The silence, the dim light from dozens of candles, the smell of orange blossom, and the velvety whisper of relaxing melodies that can even be heard under water are the key elements of the AIRE experience. And so are the baths, distributed across different rooms and offering various temperature ranges.

AIRE’s main raison d’être is water and its benefits to human being’s body and mind. That’s why you can enjoy a wonderful journey through sensations at all our centres by delving into the contrasts provided by the warm waters at the Tepidarium (36º), the hot waters of the Caldarium (40º), and the cold waters of the Frigidarium (16º), without forgetting about the legendary steam bath or Laconicum, the Bath of a Thousand Jets or Balneum, and the glorious Salt Bath or Flotarium, the best place to surrender yourself to the pleasure of floating.

An old XIX century warehouse next to the El Borne Market in Barcelona, a wonderful Mudéjar-style palace at the heart of Seville, a building located over the ruins of the old souk in Almería, and a country house built in 1497 in Vallromanes (30 km away from Barcelona) are the four AIRE locations in Spain. Also, the company is present in the United States with a centre in New York (TriBeCa), located in what used to be an old textile mill, and another one in Chicago, also in industrial style, which will open this fall. There will be centres opening next year in London and Paris, as well as a new location in New York (Upper East Side), and in 2019 a new centre will be launched in Copenhagen.


Particularly, each centre also features unique components, such as the Infinite Bath that offers the best views facing La Giralda, at the rooftop of Aire Sevilla, or the 360° views from the rooftop in Almería.

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