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It’s always tricky to find the right wedding gift for newly married friends or the perfect anniversary present for your spouse. Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm. From the most traditional to the most innovative, here you will find a wide variety of tips to pull from.

Trip to a romantic destination

Stick to the classics; they won’t disappoint. Sometimes a trip to one of those typical romantic destinations can be just what you’re looking for. An elegant dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower, a gondola ride down the rivers of Venice, a relaxing walk by the timeless beaches of Hawaii or a photo session by the snow-white buildings of Santorini can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll feel as if you’re in one of those idyllic romantic movies, which can be a great way to disconnect from the worries of daily life and immerse yourself in a fairy tale. Most people would agree that everyone should visit at least one of these iconic romantic destinations.

Getaway in a rural hotel

Rural hotels are taking the world by storm. Especially nowadays, the rat race that most city dwellers experience on a daily basis can leave them feeling on-edge and craving the quiet, natural simplicity of rural life. If you and your spouse are feeling the pressures of modern life and want to retreat into the peace of nature, consider booking a room in a rural hotel nearby for a quick weekend getaway or a tranquil anniversary vacation. Rural hotels often offer nature-focused activities like hiking tours or horse rides, which will help you forget the frenzy of city life and spend some relaxing time with your spouse. If your nerves are taking a toll, this just might save your marriage.

AIRE Experience

AIRE Ancient Baths, inspired by the ancient Greco-Roman tradition of baths, offer spa experiences such as massages and thermal bath tours, as well as fine dining, making them ideal destinations for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Part of what makes the AIRE Experience so unique is the fact that their spas are located in restored historical buildings all over the world: in New York, Chicago, Barcelona, Sevilla, Almería and Vallromanes.

Packages like the Gastro&Relax Masaje 30 and the Wine Bath Experience give you access to a wide variety of thermal baths: the Calderium (hot bath), the Frigidarium (cold bath), the Tepidarium (warm bath), the Flotarium (salt-water bath), the Balneum (the “bath of a thousand jets”), and the Laconium (a steam bath with relaxing aromatherapy). These thermal baths are traditions that date back for centuries. You can enjoy all this by the glow of candlelight, which will transport you back to ancient times and soothe your frazzled nerves.

These packages also allow you to enjoy elegant, organic meals and have access to a variety of massages. The Wine Bath, for example, includes a 15-minute cranio-facial massage with natural face masks made of propolis and honey, and a 45-minute full-body massage with only the finest grapeseed oil manufactured by Esdor, a cosmetic line that uses high-quality grapes from Ribera del Duero.

The AIRE’s spa hotel in Almería, also give you the possibility of finding nearby tourist destinations and complementing your relaxing spa experience with more dynamic, adventurous activities. It is located in the historical center of the city, the Constitution Square. From there, you can easily visit monuments and tourist spots like the Alcazaba Fortress, the Civil War Bomb Shelters, the Cathedral and Cabo de Gata (a large coastal nature reserve).

Parachute jump 

While parachute jumps are not normally considered romantic, adrenaline junkies will certainly appreciate this one. Nothing will help you bond with your significant other more than free-falling from a plane and floating the rest of the way down over a majestic landscape. It’s definitely an unforgettable experience that few people get to live. This is a great anniversary gift for adventurous couples who value innovation and excitement. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to hotel getaways, so it’s a wonderful option for newlyweds on a budget.

Escape room

For more intellectual couples or video-game fans, escape rooms are fun options. These are interactive adventure games, set in fictional-themed locations, in which you have to solve a series of puzzles or riddles to win. It’s almost like being absorbed into a video game or an alternate dimension. If you enjoy challenging your brain, this could be the option for you.

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