Cuidarse en Pareja

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Cuidarse en Pareja

120 min.

95 €

Price per person

This experience will make you enjoy a unique moment of relaxation with your special someone, perfect to lock in your love forever.

Discover a journey of sensations in a restored historical building, comprising a tour at your own pace through our thermal baths set at different temperatures , as well as the Vaporium (Aromatherapy Steam Bath) and the Flotarium (Salt Water Bath).

Our experience, includes a 30 minute ritual, in which you will enjoy a full body massage with Red Fruits oil. Its properties will relax and rejuvenate your body while they nourish your skin. You will also be able to enjoy a cranial massage, enriched with Red Fruits oil, as our practitioners hydrate and pamper that specific area of your body.

Romantic Experience

Romantic Experience

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage


  • A 30 minutes full body massage with Red Fruits oil
  • A cranial massage with Red Fruits oil
Cuidarse en Pareja

Body and mind benefits:

The beneficial effects of baths with temperature contrasts were widely known by our Greek, Roman and Arabic ancestors. The hot water relaxes the muscles and joint tension while the cold water reactivates blood circulation, tones the skin, and has a reinvigorating effect. This 30 minute AIRE massage combines the soothing benefits of Red Fruits as its key ingredient; and is topped up with a cranial massage doused in Red Fruits infused oil, made to be invigorating and caring. Our massages use different techniques and are specifically designed to achieve a maximum state of relaxation in a short amount of time, through slow, deep, and comprehensive movements.

Tips and recommendations:

Tu cuerpo es sabio y sabrá indicarte cuándo debes salir del agua para cambiar de un baño a otro a una temperatura distinta. Recuerda que en todo momento podrás acceder a la sala relajación, donde tendrás siempre a tu disposición agua fría y nuestra selección especial de Té AIRE para mantenerte hidratado. Si durante tu masaje, en algún momento sientes que la presión es demasiado intensa o demasiado leve, por favor, indícaselo a tu terapeuta.

Enhance your experienceAIRE Couples Specials

Red Wine Bath

Enjoy a 30 min. wine bath, a 15 min. craniofacial massage and taste a glass of red or white wine.

70 € *

*Price per person

Chocolates and a glass of Cava

A glass of cava and assorted truffles to fulfill your AIRE Experience and enjoy it to the maximum.

10 € *

*Price per person

Natural Fruits Juice

The ideal complement to keep a balance between your inner and outer body. Includes one unit.

7 € *

*Price per person