5 Reasons to Love Fall[

Days get shorter, temperatures drop, and the moment comes to spend more time with ourselves. Don’t you just love fall?

  1. Landscapes change. Fall is a colourful ballet where magic comes true under that very special light unique to these months. A walk through the park, or even better, a beech forest is one of the best plans to enjoy the surrounding enchanting scenery in reddish, yellow and ochre hues.
  2. There’s a craving for stews. As the cold weather approaches, soups, creams, and other stewed dishes become more appealing than ever. Also, fall brings with it its own batch of seasonal products, thus, it’s time to enjoy delicious recipes made with tasty and nourishing ingredients such as mushrooms, pumpkin, artichokes, nuts, and game meat.
  3. Sofa, blanket, and movies. There’s nothing like giving yourself into nesting to face the cloudy, rainy, and windy afternoons. Picking a good movie or your favourite show, getting into comfy clothing, and enjoying a nice hot cocoa, coffee, or tea. If you also light some candles, nothing will stop you from getting into the highest state of relaxation without leaving your home. If you happen to have a fireplace, what else can you ask for?
  4. Travelling and discovering. Before cold really sets in and once summer is over, fall is also the perfect time to discover rural cities and destinations. Organise your agenda and find the time to take that trip you’ve always dreamed about.
  5. Special care for the body and the mind. In this season more than ever, the body and the mind cry out for attention, demanding balance and relaxation. At AIRE, we are well aware of that, and we’re ready to welcome you and guide you through a unique experience of the pleasures water has to offer, plus a relaxing massage that will make you feel you’re in heaven.